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Aydan baits everyone with fake Warzone ban ahead of org reveal

Published: 16/Mar/2021 22:44

by Alan Bernal


Call of Duty star Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad claimed to have been banned from Warzone mid-tournament, but the battle royale star was simply just “getting the impressions going” ahead of a big announcement.

On March 15, the pro started the hype wave for what org he would be joining. As Warzone’s highest-earning player, there’s plenty of reasons for him to have the pick of the litter when it comes to interested teams.

While he can land anywhere, there’s a reasonable amount of fanfare about his potential landing place. After all, he’s regularly seen playing tourneys with 100 Thieves’ Rhys ‘Rated’ Price


A showman in his own right, Aydan is building up to his announcement in case anyone happens to forget that the Warzone pro is expected to be signing with a team.

“Wtf… Banned mid-tournament,” he said, appending an image of him apparently being permanently ousted from Warzone’s servers. He even leaned into the meme on Twitch with the title: ‘Banned Mid-Tourney So I’m On An Alt.’

Immediately, his fans started playing along with the meme, saying ‘he was hacking’ or that he deserved it.

“Yes,” Aydan said to his Twitch Chat. “I’m trolling. I’m trolling. I’m trying to get the impressions going.”


Needless to say, it worked. The tweet so far has people talking, with over 150+ retweets and hundreds more commenting.

Just a few hours before, he told his audience that he was playing in the $30,000 Jack Links 2v2 tourney with Rated, so there was some merit to believe in the bait.

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The bait has precedence too. 6-year-old streamer ‘RowdyRogan’ and his team staged a viral Warzone ban during the FaZe5 challenge top 20.

It could be that Aydan is drawing on some of that energy for his upcoming org announcement, which seemed to reignite conversations about his possible whereabouts in tomorrow’s reveal.


Aydan was once a Fortnite competitor who massively impressed in Warzone before making the switch. He’s a battle royale phenom, and people can’t wait to see which team he chooses to rep.