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Another Juggernaut exploit is making Warzone players invincible

Published: 12/Dec/2020 13:46

by Daniel Cleary


The juggernaut in Warzone is causing more problems, as a strange glitch is making it easy for players to hide in the crate, become invincible and pick up free kills.

The Juggernaut killstreak can be incredibly difficult to deal with in Warzone, requiring lots of damage to put down. But, players have now found a new way to use the Juggernaut – without actually getting armored up at all.

There has been numerous glitches with this rare drop already, such as unlimited self-revive. One of the worst recently allows players to duplicate the drops, meaning you could come up against a full team of juggs.


But, there is now another one ruining Warzone matches, and players have called on Infinity Ward to introduce a fix in the next update.

Juggernaut in Warzone
Infinity Ward
The Juggernaut killstreak provides players with extra protection against damage in Warzone.

A similar glitch was previously found early on in Season 6 with Loadout drops but has since gone under the radar, with many presuming that it had been completely patched during one of the Warzone updates.

However, it’s now causing havoc for any unsuspecting opponents rushing to grab the Juggernaut drop and gain an advantage over their opponents, only to find a player glitched within the crate.

The exploit was shared by Reddit user u/Null_pointer_23 highlighting just how devastating it can be and revealed that it is almost impossible for others to counter in-game.


The best way to "use" the Juggernaut from CODWarzone

The exploit is done by crouching directly underneath the drop’s location, which causes the character model to glitch within the crate, making them invisible and often immune to bullet damage.

Although it can be quite overpowered, the one downside is that players will be unable to move during this glitch, and it is likely that they will eventually die to the circle if they are avoided in-game. But, their still likely to rack up kills as unsuspecting players drop in the hope of getting the Juggernaut.

Fans have called upon the Warzone devs to address bugs like this one that are ruining matches for players who are caught off guard.


As of now, it is unclear just how long Juggernauts will remain in Warzone, or if this glitch will be removed ahead of the battle royale’s integration with Black Ops Cold War for Season One.