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Call of Duty

Amateur CoD player crashes motorbike in the middle of a gaming event

Published: 10/May/2019 15:44

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty amateur player ‘Robstar’ landed himself in a whole heap, quite literally, of trouble after crashing a motorbike inside an event hall.

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The Malta Cyber Series #5 event in Attard, Malta kicked off on Friday, May 10 – playing host to tournaments in CoD and Tekken 7, plus mobile games such as Clash Royale and Brawl Stars.

However, the start of the event was quickly overshadowed by Robstar’s crash. A video of the incident instantly went viral on Twitter, showing the amateur player wiping out and crashing the vehicle into a display stand at the event.

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Advertisement number of European amateur teams have flocked to Malta for the Black Ops 4 tournament.

Robstar handed ban

The tournament organizers tweeted the video out with an official statement from themselves, announcing that the player in question had been banned from playing at the event. “This just happened a few minutes ago outside our esports event. We took immediate action and banned the player from our event,” the tweet began.

They also branded his behavior as “unacceptable” and apologized to anyone who was inconvenienced, adding: “This could have caused a lot more problems. Such behavior is unacceptable & very immature! On behalf of everyone here, we’re sorry for any inconvenience.”

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Robstar issues apology

While the organizers announced that they had banned Robstar from competing, and others stated that he had been removed from the expo hall, the amateur CoD player tweeted less than 20 minutes later that the decision had been changed and issued an apology for what had happened.


“They are allowing me to play in the event, just gotta keep my head down and play and do what I do best,” tweeted Robstar. “Sorry to everyone at gamers and EEG for my behavior.”

The dangerous incident raised questions from some Twitter users, particularly concerning how Robstar was able to get a motorbike indoors in a crowded room, but the tournament organizers explained that they are sharing the space with an expo, meaning that there was potentially a motorbike display.

Other users, like Ehsan ‘DREEALL’ Javed, saw the funny side of the incident and joked about how the security had let the bike roam free in the first place.


Despite the accident, the Malta Cyber Series event was able to get underway and kick start a weekend of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 action – where the winning squad will take home €2500.