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All Mystery Box locations on Firebase Z in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Published: 5/Feb/2021 1:16

by Tanner Pierce


One of the most important points of interest in Black Ops Zombies is the the moving Mystery Box. Here are all the Mystery Box locations, at least that we know about as of the time of this writing, in the brand new map Firebase Z.

In Zombies, there’s no better feeling than getting a really powerful weapon from the mystery box. Gambling that 950 points and getting a high level weapon means that you don’t have to worry about searching for one for the rest of the game. That is, if you can find the box.

The mystery box always moves around the map and it even starts in a different place every time, making it a bit annoying to find, and that’s no different on Firebase Z, the brand new Zombies map to hit Black Ops Cold War.


That being said, here’s a helpful list of everywhere you’ll be able to find the box on the new map.

Firebase Z players are able to grab the new wonder weapon out of the Mystery Box.

Mystery Box locations

Making your way to the first mystery box is a bit of a challenge. Firebase Z is split up into two areas: the main starting area, which is a small village, and the actual Firebase site.

From what players have been able to surmise, not only is there one box spawn location in the small village but it won’t actually spawn there at the start of your game; it’ll be somewhere over in the base.

Over in the base, however, there’s a few areas where players will be able to find the mystery box. If you want a quick tip, remember that the box will emit a large blue beam into the air, so if you’re ever confused, look for that.


  • Courtyard: this spawn is in the main starting village in the central outside area. It’s pretty hard to miss.
  • Planning Offices: as soon as you come out of the teleporter in the base, open the door to your left. The spawn point will be inside the building upstairs.
  • Rocky Defense: This spawn point is located in the area outside of the Reactor rooms, where the the Artillery Strike is located.
  • Motor Pool: This spawn point can be found after leaving the room with the Rai K 84 Blueprint and making your way back to main starting area.
  • Barracks: If you open the door next to Tombstone and run down the main path, you’ll find this spawn point.
  • Jungle Defense: After you turn on the only Aether Reactor found outside, the blast should open up another area right behind it. The spawn can be found there.
As far as we know, the Mystery Box can be found in 6 different locations in Firebase Z.

It’s important to point out that, unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing if these are the only locations, they are just the one’s we know about right now. As more arise, we will update this article.

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