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Call of Duty

A Call of Duty announcement could be revealed during Nintendo Direct

Published: 13/Sep/2018 19:49 Updated: 13/Sep/2018 20:37

by Virginia Glaze


A major Call of Duty announcement could be in store at the upcoming Nintendo Direct event, according to reports from an unverified source.

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Gaming website ‘GamingINTEL’ has received information from an unverified source in which it is implied that a Call of Duty announcement could be revealed at the upcoming Nintendo Direct.

The anonymous source stated that they were, “confident something Call of Duty related will be in the Direct.”

While the source did not confirm what the announcement could be, a possible release for Call of Duty: Blackout on the Nintendo Switch might be a possibility.


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It is unlikely that Black Ops 4 will see an iteration on said console, however, as Treyarch’s Senior Producer Yale Miller went on record stating that the title would not be released on the platform.

Being able to play Blackout on the go is certainly an attractive proposition, and with the Switch already featuring Fortnite – another battle royale title – adding another game in the genre could prove to be a realistic venture.

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However, in the event that Blackout does not make the console, a stand-alone iteration in the series could likewise make an appearance.


The Nintendo Direct is scheduled for Thursday, September 13, at 6 PM ET. The Direct was initially delayed following a massive 6.7 magnitude earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan. 

It is is set to feature 35 minutes of new games, likely including the upcoming Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Mario Party, and Pokemon: Let’s Go!

The event will be broadcast live on Nintendo’s official Twitch channel, which we have included down below. Fans can also watch the event on Nintendo’s YouTube channel here.

Watch live video from Nintendo on www.twitch.tv