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5 best Warzone tips & tricks to score more kills with the Helicopter

Published: 17/Aug/2020 20:41

by Alan Bernal


The Helicopter is a high-valued craft in Warzone for its mobility and incredibly diverse set of lethal options to rack up kills, but that’s only if players know how to use it best.

Once you take off in a helicopter, you’re automatically a target for anyone in the immediate area. People that balance offense and defense in the chopper can get a ton of mileage from the vehicle.

If done correctly, you’ll be lighting up the killfeed using the deadly spinning blades or by switching seats mid-air, while avoiding the barrage missiles and drones that are bound to be on your tail.


1) Use the blades

Creative Call of Duty players caught onto this one day-one, but for those unaware, you can catch out parachuting opponents or people in wide-open spaces with the chopper’s blades.

For enemies on the ground, you can either land the helicopter on them or try to angle the propellers to their direction. It should be noted that if you miss a player in a fly-by, quickly angling your helicopter the other way can still get them with the tail of the aircraft.

But people that are still dropping from the sky are the easiest targets and can be safely plucked from mid-air.


Infinity Ward
Even when you’re all alone in a Helicopter, Warzone players can still find use for the extra seats.

2) RPG and an empty chopper

As a solo player, an empty helicopter actually opens up your offensive capabilities quite a bit, since there are more seats for you to angle your shot with.

As a pilot, you should be finding the best routes to either avoid a dangerous situation or setting up a kill. Once you’ve identified someone that’s ripe for the picking, change seats to the landing rail to shoot out a quick missile.

This trick will take some careful maneuvering and being comfortable with switching vehicle positions on a dime, but can really lend itself to some epic highlight reel moments, bonus points for snipe kills in this way.


Infinity Ward
There are tons of field hazards in Warzone that Helicopter pilots need to look out for.

3) Keeping your Helicopter alive

As mentioned before, once you ascend to the skies in a Helicopter, you’re going to be the focus of attention for a lot of people. Getting kills depends on your ability to keep said chopper alive in the air.

Players should be wary of the blades, since getting them tangled or beaten up is the quickest way to blow up your ride. Also, don’t forget that it comes equipped with a Flair in case you get locked on.

Something that needs to be mentioned are drones. The smallest drones in Warzone can instantly destroy a Helicopter if they collide, so avoid at all costs.


Infinity Ward
Even if your Helicopter is low health, there’s still a way to get at least one more kill.

4) Steal a kill while exiting a Helicopter

Continuing the discussion on flairs, since that’s your only defense against PILAs and JOKRs, once it’s spent, it’s a good idea to abandon the area or get ready to bail on your ride.

Knowing when to leave your Helicopter is crucial to staying alive in Verdansk, but it can also give you a chance to pry one more kill as you’re taking off.

Simply angling your chopper onto a player and exiting the craft will still propel the vehicle forward. If a player is caught in the subsequent explosion, then you’ll be credited with the kill while leaving the area.


Infinity Ward
Know where the Helicopters spawn in Warzone to be the first on the scene.

5) Land quickly, get in the chopper quicker

You can’t start your killing spree if you don’t acquire the aircraft first. Knowing where the Helicopters spawn lets players just b-line it to that location before anyone else.

The Warzone map allows for eight different spawns, and all of them are sure to get some action in the early phases of a match.

There are more ways to keep your kill count high in Warzone, but getting into a chopper will give players a better chance at picking off more than a few opponents.