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10 most popular weapons in Warzone: Gun tier list

Published: 30/Oct/2021 14:17 Updated: 30/Oct/2021 14:31

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty Warzone Season Six is well underway, bringing with it a host of new weapons and adjustments sure to shake up the game’s meta. Here are the ten most popular weapons in Warzone, as of October 30. 

Despite the massive array of weapons on offer, only a few guns see consistent play in Warzone as the meta changes. We’ve seen various weapons rise and fall, like the Grau, Bruen, FFAR, FARA, and more. The Season Six update brought a number of changes to the battle royale, including the Grav assault rifle and .410 Ironhide Shotgun. 

Regardless of weapon trajectories and meta shifts, the help of WZRanked means we’ve gathered the ten most popular primary picks in Warzone.


Whether you’re looking to increase your KDA or just want to know which guns will give you a competitive edge, be sure to check out our handy top ten gun tier list below.

Call of Duty Warzone Black Ops Cold War Operators
Activision / Treyarch
Our helpful Warzone gun tier list will keep you informed on which weapons you should be taking into Verdansk’s final moments.

Warzone weapon tier list: top 10

With the release of any new season, the meta is sure to change and weapons will join the list or even drop off if they’re no longer viable.

We can look forward to seeing some previously unpopular weapons taking this list by storm as Season Six develops. For now, though, it’s still dominated by weapons that were meta in Season Five.

10. Bullfrog

Best Bullfrog loadout Cold War
Activision / Treyarch
The Bullfrog is a fairly popular weapon in Cold War, and Warzone too now.

Best Bullfrog Loadout


A weapon that has fluctuated slightly in Season 3 and Season 4, the Bullfrog re-entered the top ten towards the end of Season 4, and climbed all the way to first in Season 5. It finally overtook the MAC-10 and Grau, thanks mainly to its large magazine and high damage up close.

However, nerfs knocked it down the ranking in the latter parts of Season 5, and it’s back behind the MAC-10 and OTs 9. It kicks just a bit too much and fires just a bit too slowly to remain in the upper regions of this list. It looks set to drop out of this list soon.


9. MP5 (Cold War)

MP5 Black Ops Cold War
Activision / Treyarch
The MP5 from Cold War returns to this list in Season 6.

Best MP5 (CW) Loadout

BOCW’s MP5 makes a long-awaited return to this list. While it’s still some way off matching the OTs 9 or MAC-10, the Cold War variant of this classic CoD weapon has been rising the ranks steadily for some time.

Its Modern Warfare cousin actually made this list fairly regularly during Season 5, but it looks like Season 6 might be the time for Treyarch’s version to shine. Decent damage and range mean this weapon can be used at closer and medium ranges, but its recoil may take some practice to master.

8. Grau 5.56

Grau Warzone
The Grau is a solid choice in Season 6.

Best Grau loadout

The Grau was always a popular pick in Modern Warfare, and that popularity also translated to Warzone. With its clean iron sights and slightly increased damage, plenty of players are still trusting the Grau in Season 6.


Strong damage and great mobility means that accurate shots can drop enemies remarkably quickly, but its slower rate of fire still hinders the Grau from claiming a higher spot.

7. MAC-10

MAC-10 Warzone gunsmith
Activision / Treyarch
The MAC-10 is still one of the best close-quarter guns in the game.

Best Mac-10 loadout

The MAC-10 has long been one of the best SMGs in Warzone, but it has fallen slightly as the Season 4 damage changes begin to take their hold. It was the strongest by some margin in Season 2, but nerfs in recent seasons have weakened its standing somewhat.

Even so, it remains in the top 7, mainly thanks to its little recoil, high damage output, and ridiculous fire rate. It’s still an absolute juggernaut at long as you can aim well up close.


6. XM4

Black Ops Cold War XM4
The XM4 has long been immensely popular in BOCW, and fans are realizing it can be very strong in WZ too.

Best XM4 Loadout

The XM4’s high rate of fire and early unlock means it has long been one of Black Ops Cold War’s most popular options. It has struggled to make anything of a long-term impact in Verdansk though, with its moderate recoil and damage limiting its viability.

However, Season 5 buffs and nerfs have had their say and the AR is into the top 10, and up to fifth in the early days of Season 6. We’ll have to wait and see if it can make a run for a top-three place.

5. EM2

Black Ops Cold War character using EM2 in game
The EM2 dropped in Cold War and quickly made an impact.

Best EM2 Loadout

The EM2 dropped as part of Black Ops Cold War Season 5. The British AR boasts excellent damage and range, with manageable recoil rounding off its immensely powerful profile. The only major hindrance is its incredibly slow fire rate, which means laying down accurate fire is all the more important.

While it quickly rose to Cold War prominence, it has taken a little longer to make its mark in Warzone. That appears to be happening in Season 6 though, with this behemoth debuting at seventh, and rising rapidly. It currently occupies the 5th spot, but a push for a top 3 place looks increasingly likely.

4. AK-47 (Cold War)

Black Ops Cold War AK-47 gameplay
The AK-47 has featured in plenty of CoD games, and BOCW is no different.

Best AK-47 Loadout

The Cold War AK-47 has the same strengths and weaknesses that many iterations of the weapon have had across the Cold War series. Slow fire rate and volatile recoil are countered by high damage and solid range.

While it’s struggled to make a meaningful impact in Warzone to this point, that appears to be changing in Season Five. It debuted at sixth in the most popular weapons and has now worked itself up to fourth. It is a mid-range monster when players can fire accurately.

3. OTs 9

The OTs 9 dropped in Warzone fairly recently, and fans have realized how good it can be.

Best OTs 9 Loadout

The OTs 9 is a fairly recent addition to Warzone and so a fairly recent addition to this list. It is reminiscent of the best SMGs we’ve seen in Warzone, thanks to its strong close-range damage and handling.

However, the OTs’ real strength lies in its mobility – seeing players’ movement speed as quick as it ever gets in the CoD battle royale. Bear in mind that you’ll be best suited to running and gunning with this gun, so if that’s not your style you’ll be better off looking elsewhere.

For aggressive players though, there’s probably not a better option in Warzone at the moment.

2. Swiss K31

Swiss K31 sniper
The Swiss K31 sniper was added in the Season 3 update for BOCW.

Best Swiss K31 Loadout

While the Kar98k (technically a Marksman Rifle) has been in the top three for months, the slower bolt-actions like the Tundra and AX-50 have fallen away as Warzone has aged.

The Swiss, though, represents everything players like about snipers. Forgiving and quick, it serves the most real challenge to the Kar’s dominance since Black Ops Cold War launched. It seems unlikely it will ever dethrone the WWII rifle, but buffs and nerfs could yet have their say, and it’s been steadily climbing this list for months.

1. Kar98k

Kar98k WZ
The Kar98k may not be a modern gun, but it still packs a mighty punch.

Best Kar98k loadout

Sometimes you’ve got to go old school when claiming kills in Warzone and this WWII rifle certainly packs a mean punch. Despite being a bolt-action rifle, the Kar98k is one of the fastest Marksman Rifles in the game. Being able to break armor and maintain constant pressure on your opponents is incredibly important in Warzone, especially if you want to finish downed enemies before they get revived.

Even if you miss a few shots, the Kar98k is incredibly forgiving. This makes it the perfect replacement for those who struggle with Tundra or AX-50 loadouts. The only downside to this German rifle is its bullet drop, so make sure you compensate for the travel time before taking those cross-map shots.

However, the overall strength and ease of use are clear, with the Kar98k remaining top of this popularity poll – where it’s been for a number of months. The Swiss is closer than ever, though.

Most popular Warzone loadout guns (%)

  1. Kar98k (9.46%)
  2. Swiss K31 (9.25%)
  3. OTs 9 (8.24%)
  4. AK-47 (7.70%)
  5. EM2 (5.39%)
  6. XM4 (4.85%)
  7. MAC-10 (4.67%)
  8. Grau 5.56 (4.44%)
  9. CW MP5 (4.07%)
  10. Bullfrog (3.84%)

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