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10 best Call of Duty Warzone players: August 2021

Published: 1/Sep/2021 16:30 Updated: 1/Sep/2021 22:10

by Theo Salaun


It’s been a wild month in Call of Duty: Warzone and the power rankings have shifted dramatically for August 2021. With new faces at the top and some familiar faces left off, here are Verdansk’s 10 best players.

I said it in July and I’ll say it again, ranking the best Warzone players can be a fool’s errand, so let’s get foolish. It’s even harder this time around since tournaments have largely shifted to Customs — meaning different evaluations and less data to work with.

Still, with six $20,000-plus Customs in August, there was a lot of high-stakes competition to consider. For lighter ranking help, there were also two $20k-plus Duo Quads tournaments and some smaller events.


As always, the preferred way to evaluate the best players is with performances in the biggest events. In August, three of July’s very best (and highest earners) were supplanted: Aydan, Rated, and ScummN. Failing to secure more than one Customs top-10 finish or place higher than fourth, all three have shuffled out of the list as new faces earn the spotlight.

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10. Edy ‘Newbz’ Juan

The only ranked player without a top-three finish, Newbz nonetheless earned his spot by placing highly in tournaments every single week. 

A steady presence on the map, Mr. Juan changes teammates more than most, but still hit top-10 finishes four times in August — including fourth at the $100,000 Swagg Summer Invitational


9. Alex ‘Destroy’ Benabe

Two high placements help give Destroy a pass for missing tournaments later in August for vacation time. With ZLaner, the turnt tandem placed ninth in the $100,000 ROKKR Royale and second in Swagg’s Invitational — but he’ll need to get back to slaying in September to keep this rank.

8. Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane

All energy, all the time, comparing Z and D is like comparing flavors of G-FUEL. And it’s worth adding Clutchbelk to the mix too, as “DBZ” is the most perfectly nicknamed trio around.

The most consistent competitor of the high-octane group, Z led the pack for August. But, if they keep it up in September, all of DBZ could make the list.


7. Drew ‘Frozone’ Bienusa

A newcomer to the Warzone elite, you’ve got to tip it to Frozone. After failing to make any sort of splash in the preceding months, the guy not only placed top-10 twice in August — he finished third and second.

Having changed teammates around and grinded his way back up, Fro hit third at the ROKKR $100k and second at the $75k Twitch Rivals. Repping XSET, this man has planted himself firmly among the best and almost single-handedly caused concerns about the Customs meta.

6. Ben ‘Almond’ Rosendahl

Tommey and Almond only had one top-three finish for the biggest events in August, but they continue to be Verdansk’s most consistent duo.


While Tom gets a slight bump this month due to high placements in smaller events with other teammates, Almond remains a steadfast presence in Warzone. Fourth in the Swagg $100k, fourth in the Rivals $75k, and second in the Nobility $50k? The guy is in the money as often as he’s in the kill feed.

5. Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren

The Helicopter Hitman himself, it’s frankly impressive that, month after month, format after format, Tommey has been consistent enough to maintain his place near the top of the rankings.

A constant threat to take home first place, Tom finished in the money for three big events in August, while winning some smaller ones along the way. With Customs taking a larger role, it’ll be interesting to see if he, Almond, and Newbz will start taking home gold.


4. Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James

Let’s hear it for Liverpool Li. The man was in these rankings earlier this year before dropping out and suffering a wrist fracture. But Liam has returned to health, returned to form, and, in August, returned to the top of the standings.

And what a return it’s been: first in the $300k European World Series of Warzone, first in Swagg’s $100k, second in the $75k Rivals EU, and top 10 in Nobility’s $50k? Good grief. Jukeyz and Fifakill are undoubtedly Europe’s two best and they’ve still somehow ignored ping for incredible placements in NA.

3. DiazBiffle

He was the Verdansk Boogeyman and then he evolved into Diablo Biffle, but Warzone’s most cracked POV has had a weird month. While Biff had a ridiculous 2.55 average placement from June to July, he surprisingly finished 25th and 12th, respectively, in the ROKKR and Swagg $100k tourneys.

Meanwhile, in the only two tournaments he played with his duo SuperEvan, he took home first in the Rivals $75k and third in the Nobility $50k.

Biff drops to third because he’s struggled with consistency alongside Swagg and Booya, but he can’t fall outside of the top three. The guy is as cracked as they come and, with his duo, almost never finishes outside of the money.

2. Ethan ‘Fifakill’ Pink

What a run Fifakill has been on. He was an honorable mention in July, but is practically tied for first in August after a ridiculous month.

Including the $20k-plus Duo Quads events, Feef won an absurd three tournaments in August and placed top-10 in six total. Already known as one of the smartest, most accurate pros in the game, the guy routinely dominates EU and defies the laws of ping in NA.

1. Evan ‘SuperEvan’ Moore

It might feel wrong for Evan to take the No. 1 spot since he had fewer top placements than Fifa, but you simply can’t ignore what this guy has been doing in August.

While Biffle struggled in tournaments without Ev, the latter went ahead and won the ROKKR $100k with LuckyChamu and Repullze. Those Baka Bros deserve more credit than they’re given, but it is no small feat that Evan helped carry them to such a major win in such a competitive event.

Proving his excellence as both a complementary player and the focal slayer, SuperEvan deserves the top spot for August. It’s no sleight against anyone behind him, but simply a testament to someone who was at the peak of his game across different roles and with different teammates.

List is highly volatile and changes monthly. For more CoD: Warzone news, follow us on Twitter at @DexertoIntel.