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Alissa Violet sues FaZe Clan over “promised shares” from $300m esports org

Published: 21/Sep/2021 1:13 Updated: 21/Sep/2021 21:29

by Bill Cooney


Social media star Alissa Violet is suing FaZe Clan for shares she says she’s owed by the multi-million dollar esports org from a deal that happened back in 2018.

This lawsuit from Violet, according to a report from the Washington Post, all stems from another series of lawsuits both she and FaZe were also involved in, against a company called Hubrick Limited.

The influencer claims in her suit that, back in 2018, she made a deal with FaZe to trade shares in social media company Clout Gang (which Violet co-founded) for shares in Hubrick Limited, which was working with FaZe to “develop both businesses.”


Alissa Violet, Instagram
YouTuber, actress, and model Alissa Violet is suing FaZe Clan for shares in the esports org.

Things between the two didn’t exactly end on a high note, though. Later on in 2018 Violet, FaZe Clan, Clout Gang, and others sued Hubrick. claiming fraud. The company hit back with a counter suit, claiming the same thing.

According to Violet’s suit, she and FaZe entered into an “oral agreement” to end this legal tangle with Hubrick that required her to give up her stock in the company. Once she did, FaZe allegedly promised her stock in the esports org to make up for that loss.

Violet claims in her complaint that she never received the promised shares from Faze, which is the whole reason for this new lawsuit – which is for an undisclosed amount.


“Faze Clan is being sued because it specifically promised to compensate Alissa when it asked her to relinquish her Hubrick stock and asked her to dismiss her claims against Hubrick and others,” Bryan Freedman, Violet’s lawyer, told The Washington Post. “If Faze Clan simply abided by its promise to compensate her, Alissa would not have had to sue Faze Clan.”

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The dollar amount of the shares Alissa is seeking from FaZe is currently unknown.

We may not know how much is being asked for, but FaZe seems to think things will be resolved without any major drama, according to an email from the org’s CEO.

“Stories get created out of any disagreement or dispute, big or small,” FaZe CEO Lee Trink told the post in an emailOn this particular matter we’re in close communication and confident it’ll be resolved amicably.”