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Watch The Official Battlefield V Reveal and Gameplay Trailer – Free DLC, New Co-op Mode and Release Date

Published: 23/May/2018 20:46 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:58

by Calum Patterson


The official reveal for the upcoming Battlefield V went live on May 23rd, as DICE gave fans their first full glimpse at the fifteenth main title entry in the franchise.

Prior to the reveal, there had been very little shown about the new game, with only a short GIF image posted which many believed to confirm a WWII setting.

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And it didn’t take long for this to be confirmed in the opening moments of the reveal, as Battlefield V will actually continue chronologically from Battlefield I, and take players once more to WWII.

This single player will take a similar approach to Battlefield I also, as it takes the form of the ‘War Stories’.


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They also announced a new online co-op mode, called ‘Combined Arms’ “that will test vets and recruits alike.”

And they have advanced upon their Operations mode, now called ‘Grand Operations’, these missions will span four stages, more of this and all multiplayer will be shown at the upcoming EA Play event event June 9-11th.

The also teased new ‘toolbox’, a system which will allow players to build cover and rebuild destroyed areas of the map.

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Perhaps the biggest announcement was that there will be no ‘premium pass’ for Battlefield V, and instead all major DLC content will be free to all players.


“No more paying for maps, no more paying for modes.”

They were also keen to reiterate that it will in no way be ‘pay to win’, and the post launch maps and modes will be released to all players over the game’s live cycle, called ‘Tides of War’

The game will be released worldwide on October 18th, notably a few days after its main rival Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The deluxe edition will be available on October 16th, and there will be an open beta on October 11th.

You can watch the full reveal trailer, which includes gameplay, below.