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How to unlock and specialize weapons in Battlefield V

Published: 20/Nov/2018 23:49 Updated: 21/Nov/2018 0:14

by Bill Cooney


To unlock weapons, and their unique specializations, players will have to play and earn a certain amount of experience with the class they want to unlock weapons for, or the weapon they want to earn perks for.

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When players first enter Battlefield V’s multiplayer, they’ll discover each class only has one weapon to start with. 

Assault soldiers can choose either an assault rifle or a semi-automatic rifle, Supports can go with a Heavy or Medium Machine Gun, and Recon can go with a Bolt-Action or Self-Loading rifle.

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The best way to unlock new weapons for each class is to spend time playing each class, as players will earn experience and unlock new weapons as they level up. The first new weapon for each class comes at level 5.


The more players use a particular weapon, the more experience they earn towards unlocking specializations for that weapon. These provide various balance tweaks and enhancements to weapons players can tinker with to find a style that works best for them.

Weapon Specialization allows players to make a weapon that fits their play style.
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Of course players could always use Company Coins, Battlefield V’s in-game currency, to unlock specializations as well. Coins are awarded gradually during gameplay, or can be purchased in bulk with real money.

Battlefield V comes with a ton of weapons to unlock, and even more specializations to use with them, providing many ways for players to develop their own unique combinations for how they way they want to play.