Battlefield V real-world currency spotted in new trailer - Dexerto

Battlefield V real-world currency spotted in new trailer

Published: 7/Oct/2018 5:25 Updated: 7/Oct/2018 5:40

by Vincent Genova


Premium currency that can only be purchased with real-world money was spotted in the most recent Battlefield V video.

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EA previously confirmed that there will be two kinds of currency in Battlefield V, premium and “grind.”

“Grind” currency can only be earned by playing the game and will be used to unlock new weapons and upgrades.

Premium currency can be purchased with money and can only unlock cosmetic items.

Reddit user iNejco spotted the two forms of currency on display in a recent video.

Premium currency Battlefield points spotted in latest vid from r/Battlefield

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EA came under fire for Star Wars Battlefront 2 by placing in-game upgrades in loot boxes that could be purchased with premium currency. The backlash was so severe that real-world money was removed entirely from the game at launch.


Battlefield is looking to avoid the mistakes of Battlefront 2 and has promised to not feature any randomized loot boxes.

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Despite the positive reception to the way EA is handling currency in BFV, pre-orders for the shooter are drastically trailing the competition in Black Ops 4 and Red Dead.

Battlefield was also delayed to November, which caused EA stock to fall.