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Battlefield Mobile: Release date, gameplay details, trailer, more

Published: 24/Sep/2021 11:02

by Daniel Megarry


EA has announced that an exclusive Battlefield title is coming to mobile devices. It’s still early days, but some details about the game’s development and a release window and have already been revealed.

The insanely popular war shooter has reigned on consoles and PC for years now, from its 2002 debut through to the recent smash hit Battlefield 5. Now, it’s been revealed that a mobile title from Industrial Toys and franchise veteran DICE is in development.

In a statement, DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson said it has “always been our vision to bring Battlefield to more platforms”, and after years of prototyping, they’re fulfilling that goal by bringing “all-out warfare” to mobile devices and tablets.


Here’s everything we know about Battlefield Mobile so far, including a release schedule and what players can expect from the gameplay.

Battlefield Mobile release date

Battlefield Mobile
The mobile game is being developed by DICE and Industrial Toys.

There’s no concrete release date just yet, but it has been announced that Battlefield Mobile is scheduled to arrive at some point in 2022 following “years” of prototyping.

That might seem like a long time to wait, but if it were to release in the first half of 2022 (fingers crossed), then there could be less than a year until mobile gamers get their chance to experience the world of Battlefield for themselves.

Of course, even that 2022 release window isn’t set in stone, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


Battlefield Mobile gameplay footage

With Battlefield Mobile now in alpha testing in Indonesia and the Philippines, we’ve got our first glimpse at gameplay footage on Android devices.

Check out footage of the classic Grand Bazaar map and Conquest mode combo running on mobile below.

Battlefield Mobile gameplay details

DICE has confirmed that Battlefield Mobile is a standalone entry in the franchise, and is “completely different” from Battlefield 2042, which is still currently in development for PC and next-gen consoles.

“Make no mistake, this is a standalone game […] designed specifically for the mobile platform. It’s being built from the ground up by iToys to make Battlefield-on-the-go a reality and you can expect a fully-fledged, skill-based experience,” they explained in a statement.


EA will be bringing its fan-favorite appetite for destruction, as Battlefield Mobile looks to keep awe-inspiring moments intact. With “large-scale” battles and destruction promised to arrive, players will no doubt be able to recreate console fun on the move in no time. Vehicles like tanks and ATVs will be making an appearance, with aircraft like helicopters unconfirmed but likely to appear.

With the immense success of shooters on mobile over recent years, it’s also likely that Battlefield will implement some new and exciting features to keep up with existing games like PUBG Mobile and CoD Mobile.

Battlefield Mobile
EA Dice
Signature Battlefield gameplay is headed to mobile.

Is there a Battlefield Mobile trailer?

Battlefield 2042 weapons trailer
Electronic Arts
Players on console and mobile will be getting their fill this year.

Unfortunately, there’s been no footage released for the exciting project yet, and considering the game’s existence has only just been announced, it could be a while before we see anything official. However, players can register for an Autumn play-test, with other regions likely to open up in the coming months. Battlefield Mobile will be available for both Android and iOS devices.


Hopefully, there will be a trailer or at least a teaser released before the end of 2021, as the game is currently on track to drop in 2022.

We’ll keep this page updated as new information gets announced, so be sure to check back soon.