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All Battlefield 2042 vehicles: How to unlock, gameplay, customization

Published: 8/Oct/2021 19:32

by Dexerto


Battlefield 2042 is set to bring a lot of changes to the franchise with vehicles to customize, but how do you unlock them? With new gameplay like vehicle drops, there are lots of cool features in the title to look forward to. 

EA DICE‘s Battlefield 2042 features bigger maps, larger lobbies, classes overhauls, new weapons, and a lot more destruction.

As you may expect, there will be plenty of vehicles to get your hands on in 2042, but little is known regarding the customization and unlocks for specific vehicles. Here’s everything we know so far about all the Battlefield 2042 vehicles.


Tank Battlefield 2042
We’ve only had a sneak peek at some vehicles through the gameplay and teaser trailers.

How to unlock vehicles in Battlefield 2042

Similar to most Battlefield games, we can expect players to have access to every vehicle when they first launch the game.


It would seem odd to add an unlocking feature for vehicles, as this would mean that new players are unable to fully experience the full game without putting some amount of time into the game.

Instead, the unlocks are much more likely to focus on the loadout of your vehicle rather than the vehicles themselves.

Every Battlefield 2042 vehicle

So far, the currently confirmed vehicles featured in Battlefield 2042 are:

  • AH640GX Apache Warchief Attack Helicopter
  • E6-JGR Recon
  • F-35E Panther Jet
  • Futuristic Three-Wheeled Auto Rickshaw
  • Hovercraft
  • M1A5 Tank
  • MD540 Nightbird Helicopter
  • MV38-Condor
  • Quad Bike/ ATV
  • SU-57 Elon Jet
  • T28 Tank

As more vehicles are announced, we’ll update you right here.

Vehicles Battlefield 2042
The full list of vehicles has yet to be revealed.

Vehicle customization

Although we have limited info on vehicles in 2042, we’ll likely see DICE return to a similar customization system seen in Battlefield 4. This would work well with rock-paper-scissors style trade-offs for each part you can customize.


In previous games, some attachments felt a little too overpowered. However, with some balancing, this would be the best way for players to customize their vehicle to match both their play style and squad.

While DICE may still bring back the specialization system from Battlefield V, this seems unlikely, as they’ve already showcased the new attachments and the ‘Plus System’. Instead, perhaps we’ll see a similar system integrated alongside the vehicles in Battlefield 2042?

New vehicle gameplay features

Battlefield 2042 will also bring in new gameplay to vehicles in 2042, with one of these being vehicle drops. This incredibly useful feature that’s been added is due to the increased map size and player count, allowing players and squads to call in their own vehicles from anywhere on the map.


While some may think that this sounds a little hectic, DICE will do plenty of testing and balancing to ensure that this feature works well. For example, there will be a limit to each type of vehicle on the battlefield at one time, as this could otherwise abolish infantry combat.

From what we’ve seen in the 2042 trailers, we’ll get our hands on some awesome concept vehicles as well as the latest military tech.

So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about unlocking vehicles in Battlefield 2042, and all of the new features.

Article written by Oscar Dobbins.