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Battlefield 2042: tips we learned from the Beta

Published: 12/Oct/2021 14:10 Updated: 12/Oct/2021 14:14

by Sam Comrie


DICE shared its first public taste of Battlefield 2042 in the limited-time Open Beta. There was plenty to uncover, so here are some general tips and what we learned from our experience.

Battlefield 2042, the near-futuristic franchise revamp, is due to drop on November 19 across PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. Giving the Call of Duty franchise a run for their money, the enormous first-person shooter debuted its initial taste of gameplay through the Open Beta.

Pitting players in the much-loved Conquest mode, the battle took place on a gigantic warzone known as Orbital. To get you prepared for the November launch, here is what we learned about Battlefield 2042’s gameplay.


Battlefield 2042 Beta Orbital Map Rocket Final
Electronic Arts
Orbital continues the franchise tradition of including huge maps to explore.

The Grapple Hook is your friend

This time around, it feels like EA DICE is taking a few tips out of the Respawn Entertainment playbook. Not only does Battlefield 2042 feel more agile when it comes to covering large distances by foot, but the ability to truly traverse the map with both style and practicality is more relevant than ever. Armed with a silky slide maneuver and a speedy tactical sprint, these can be paired with the addictive Grapple Hook.

Available by choosing the MacKay operator before dropping into your desired spawn point, this robust tool is perfect for clearing spaces across the trenches and accessing otherwise inaccessible areas. Notably, players holding down the silo at the end of the tarmac should be keen to use it on the adjacent structure. Rather than sprinting up flights of stairs, the tactical advantage of a decent sniping area can be quickly set up by zipping to the top. If you’re feeling particularly inventive, you might even be able to bag a kill or two with the hook itself.


BF2042 Grapple Hook Operator
The Mackay Operator offers players a chance to move with speed.

Get creative with your loadouts

The inclusion of traditional classes was absent in the Open Beta, but it is believed they will make a return in the full game this November. Instead, the name of the game here is creativity. Rather than opt for a pre-determined semblance of weaponry, DICE has opened up the floodgates to let players forge their own playstyles with ease. Want to be a Sniper than can also decimate aerial combatants or offer support outside of just long-range battles? It’s all possible and we encourage you to break out of your go-to weapons etc, as each and every gunfight is as chaotic as the last.

Battlefield 2042 weapons assault rifle
Customization is more appealing than ever.

Never underestimate the power of a healer

Previous installments of Battlefield ensured that some players would have to operate as dedicated healers, fulfilling a much-needed role within any squad. Despite the importance of reviving your fallen allies, any Battlefield player knows that not everyone is acting to play within the group, opting to rack up kills on a solo vendetta instead. Thankfully, anyone can keep the squad alive in Battlefield 2042.


Whether it is using the shock paddles (Bad Company 2 fans rejoice) or the frankly awesome syrette pistol that comes with the Falck operator, any playstyle can be adapted to revive your allies. Shooting the syrette pistol launches the syringe through the air, and if it misses, players can pick it up themselves to get their healing fix.

Battlefield 2042
Healers are about to be more important than ever.

Adapt your weapon on the fly

It is always a pain when you need to rethink your weapon’s setup in the heat of battle, with countless times where we’ve selected the wrong configuration and have had to purposefully die to respawn with the correct loadout. Now, this era of stalling the gunfight has ended, because we can now change our weapon attachments on the fly. Using the nifty attachment switch feature, players can fine-tune their weapon for any distance or situation that requires a change of plan.


Battlefield 2042 Attachments
With more attachments due to drop in the full game, this feature can only get better.

High ground is king

Perhaps one of the biggest staples in the franchise tactically, high ground will always remain king, no matter what the location. With Battlefield 2042 taking players across the globe, into wartorn cities and military bases, there will be plenty of tall structures to dominate with weapons and aerial vehicles.

Battlefield 2042 Orbital
Orbital is one of the biggest maps yet.

In the case of Orbital, we were getting obliterated by players holding the B1 capture point, which happened to be a towering skyscraper. With the ability to recalibrate loadouts on the fly and call in resources such as the Ranger (a devastating robot attack dog), it’s an exciting challenge to overthrow those attacking from above.


Make sure to stay updated with our Battlefield 2042 coverage, as we’ve got you covered from everything between operators and the array of vehicles available to reign hellfire with.