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Battlefield 2042 devs reveal battle royale substitute & confirm old maps returning

Published: 8/Jul/2021 19:24 Updated: 11/Jul/2021 23:07

by Alan Bernal


DICE LA, and the newly-branded Ripple Effect Studios, revealed more about what to expect in Battlefield 2042 during EA Play, confirming a new mode to rival battle royales and returning maps.

Battlefield 2042 is months away from release, and the studio behind it has outlined more about the upcoming title in The Future of FPS EA PLAY Live 2021 Spotlight. DICE are experimenting with new ideas and honing inspiration from Apex and more.

With the upcoming 128-player experience already generating a ton of hype, people are waiting for every new detail of the next iteration of the legendary franchise.

We know that DICE is working on three core game modes for Battlefield, one of which is All Out Warfare, and the devs revealed a bit more of another pillar for the title.


“Not your classic battle royale”

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Battlefield 2042 will have a mode that’s not quite a battle royale, but a high-stakes squad based mode.

While General Manager of DICE Oskar Gabrielson hesitated to fully call it a battle royale mode, he did say that Hazard Zone would be a “high stakes, squad-based game mode.”

Gabrielson promised it would have a ton of tension, but likened it to a “contemporary mode” that could very well be DICE’s special take on the genre.

DICE is known for implementing unique gameplay components into their projects, and the dev was excited to see the new mode lean into that tradition.

“[Hazard Zone] is not your classic battle royale,” Gabrielson explained. “It’s really contemporary mode. It’s also something the team has been thinking about for many years… It has some really special components and it really kind of leans into the superpowers of Battlefield and DICE at the same time.”


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Classic maps returning to Battlefield 2042

Wake Island was a huge part of Battlefield 1943. With fan-favorite maps coming in the next game, it’ll be interesting to see which locales get next-gen updates.

We know about a few maps that are already set to launch in Battlefield 2042. Players can expect the typical procedural destruction to be a greater part in the new game, but we’re also going to be heading to classic locales from the franchise.

Ripple Effect Studios and DICE LA have been working on new ideas that will have a major impact on Battlefield 2042. While General Manager of Ripple Effect Studios Christian Grass couldn’t go too in-depth, he did say that their classic Battlefield maps are definitely a part of the plan.

He didn’t say what Battlefield games these maps would be coming from, so here’s hoping we see locales like Panama Canal from Bad Company 2, Grand Bazaar from Battlefield 3, Wake Island, and more.


Leaks point towards classic maps

Tom Henderson, one of the most reliable and notable leakers within the FPS community, has posted some tweets which indicate that classic maps are returning to this year’s game.

Among the maps included Wake Island and the Seige of Shanghai, with the former being a staple of Battlefield titles of the past. Whether or not these maps will be in the game is unknown as of now, but with the above statement from the devs regarding classic maps, it seems likely some of them will be added.

The studio will be showing more from the game at the next EA Play Like on July 22, and you can follow Dexerto’s coverage on our @bravoINTEL page and our Battlefield 2042 hub.