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YouTuber Zylbrad sets ridiculous “melee only” record in Apex Legends

Published: 2/Aug/2020 18:50

by Daniel Cleary


Popular content creator Zylbrad and his friends have apparently claimed a new record in Apex Legends by only punching opponents to pick up wins.

Zylbrad, a longtime Apex Legends YouTuber, is known for attempting some bizarre records and tricks in Respawn’s battle royale, even breaking the game’s servers at one point.

While he has also “broken” the record for the most kills in a single match, Zylbrad and his friends decided to work on achieving yet another Apex Legends high score.

wraith punching screen
Respawn Entertainment
Zylbrad, PajamaMax, and Devi managed to set a record for most melee kills in a match.

During his latest video on August 2, the content creator revealed that himself, Devi and PajamaMax would be going for the most melee kills in a single match.


However, unlike his last record attempt, they did not have any help from fans on other teams to secure additional kills.

“Today we’re going to win a match by only punching,” Zylbrad revealed, before queuing up on the standard Kings Canyon Trios playlist.

‘Melee Only’ record in Apex Legends

After having to struggle for almost every kill, they eventually achieved the ‘melee only world record’, with fellow YouTuber Devi impressively picking up 20 kills in their 29 kill game overall.

The squad managed to take advantage of abilities such as Bloodhound’s Ult and Gibraltar’s Dome to close the distance and deflect any damage during their attempts.

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While kill records for melee only matches are not typically tracked, the YouTuber claimed that they had achieved the best melee gameplay, “I don’t think anyone’s ever done that, punching only to get a twenty bomb.”

Although these matches do not knock any of the official Apex Legends kill records off their top spot. Zylbrad, Devi, and PajamaMax have left fans impressed yet again with their unique record attempts.