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Wraith voice actor explains why she’s never played Apex Legends

Published: 29/Feb/2020 17:37 Updated: 1/Mar/2020 22:01

by Connor Bennett


The actress behind the voice of Wraith, Shantel VanSanten, has explained why she hasn’t actually played a game of Apex Legends – noting that it is pretty different to what she’s played before.

While there are plenty of differences between Apex Legends and its rivals in the battle royale market, one of the biggest differences comes in the form of the game’s characters. They come with set abilities that can be combined together in a trio to create a squad worthy of being called Apex Champions. 

These characters have all got their own personalities behind them as well, voiced by real-life actors who have appeared on TV and other projects. Some of them, including Chris Edgerly, the voice behind Pathfinder, have embraced the game and its fanbase by playing the game and creating content. Though, not everyone has followed suit.


EA/RespawnWraith is an incredibly popular legend in Apex.

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Shantel VanSanten, the voice behind Wraith, appeared on Edgerly’s podcast to discuss her experiences with voicing the character and being a part of the game’s development, when she let slip that she hasn’t actually played a match. 

“I have to visualize it because I’ve never played the game, sorry guys,” the actress said, talking about the process of recording voice lines for in-game scenarios. Yet, she noted that she’d seen it being played online and that the battle royale looks so incredibly different to what else she’s actually played. 

“I’ve seen it online because I wanted to understand some of the things but then I got really overwhelmed because I did not understand how complicated it was. I’ve played Mario Kart and Plants vs Zombies and then I go and I’m like ‘what is this game?!” VanSanten added. 


(Segment begins at 19:20 for mobile readers)

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Of course, while it is enjoyable to fans, the game isn’t for everyone – and that even includes those who have had a hand in giving it to the gaming world. 

Seeing as the game isn’t set to be any less complicated than normal in the future, we probably won’t see VanSanten mimicking her Wraith in-game anytime soon.

Edgerly, meanwhile, can be found streaming in his Pathfinder character on Twitch. He’s also teamed up with Roger Craig Smith, the voice of Mirage, and played a few games, but it doesn’t sound like VanSanten will be joining him for a match.