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Who is Mad Maggie in Apex Legends?

Published: 14/Apr/2021 17:06

by Alex Garton


Throughout Season 8, ‘Mad Maggie’ has been causing havoc in the Apex Games by spawning random heat rings across Kings Canyon. But who is this mysterious announcer and how is she tied into Apex’s lore?

Apex Legends is filled with a range of interesting characters who each have their own backstory and place in the game’s lore. While the majority of the personalities we meet in Apex can be found as in-game legends, some remain behind the curtain and hidden from view.

One such character is ‘Mad Maggie’, who has been the temporary announcer in Apex in Season 8, both in the Chaos Theory and War Games events. Her strong Australian accent is hard to miss and she’s the one to blame for all those heat rings that keep popping up across Kings Canyon.


Mad Maggie Apex
Respawn Entertainment
Mad Maggie was introduced to Apex Legends in Season 8.

Who is ‘Mad Maggie’?

‘Mad Maggie’ was the long-time friend of Walter ‘Fuse’ Fitzroy before the Explosives Expert decided to leave Salvo and join the Apex Games. Maggie saw Fuse’s decision to leave their home planet and join the Syndicate run competition as a betrayal of their friendship.

In Fuse’s ‘Stories from the Outlands’ video, we see the pair grow up together and form a strong bond. However, when Fuse broke the news to Maggie that he was joining the Apex Games, their struggle and fight resulted in Fuse losing his arm.

If that wasn’t enough, she even sabotaged his debut appearance in the games by firing weapons at the crowd and destroying large portions of the King’s Canyon map.


So, despite not appearing physically anywhere in-game, it’s fair to say Maggie has had a huge impact on Apex as a whole.

Will ‘Mad Maggie’ be a new Legend?

Although Maggie would certainly be a welcome addition to the ever-expanding roster of legends in Apex, we think it’s unlikely Respawn will opt to add her as a playable character.

Joining the Apex Games would go against everything she stands for and we imagine she’d prefer sabotaging Syndicate’s competition rather than joining it.

Mad Maggie Apex
Respawn Entertainment
Both Fuse and Maggie are from the Salvo.

How to mute Maggie’s in-game dialogue

A lot of Apex Legends players have criticized Maggie’s announcer dialogue, complaining that it’s too repetitive and annoying. Well, luckily there’s a simple way to turn it off so you can strictly focus on your gameplay.


One option is to play Apex’s ranked mode where this type of audio is automatically turned off, or you can manually disable dialogue audio in your settings. Follow these steps below to disable her announcer dialogue:

  1. Launch Apex Legends
  2. Open up your settings
  3. Head to the ‘Audio’ tab
  4. Navigate to the advanced section
  5. Set your ‘Dialogue Volume’ to 0%

Keep in mind, this will also mute any voice lines or callouts made by any characters in your games.

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