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When will Kings Canyon and Olympus return in Apex Legends?

Published: 1/Nov/2021 17:52

by Alec Mullins


Following the debut of Apex Legends Season 11 both Olympus and Kings Canyon will be getting put on ice for a while, but when will those maps be returning to the game?

As with any new season in Apex Legends, the game’s map rotation is set for a major shake-up. This time around that means the removal of two maps – Kings Canyon and Olympus – in favor of unthawing the wintery World’s Edge for a bit and letting the new tropical-themed Storm Point have its time in the sun.

For players who are hoping to experience the classic Apex maps, it’s going to be a long wait to see them back in the game, but Respawn has a good reason for taking them away for so long.


When is Kings Canyon back in Apex Legends?

Aerial view of King's Canyon from Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
King’s Canyon is the game’s original map, and while it’s been updated since its release, it still remains the classic Apex Legends experience.

Kings Canyon will be removed at the start of Season 11, and won’t return until Season 12 at the earliest.

There is no official return date for Kings Canyon, but we know it will be out of rotation throughout the first stretch of the entirety of the season according to the Escape update patch notes.

“For the Escape update the map rotation will be back down to 2 maps; Storm Point and World’s Edge. With Storm Point being a whole new map, we want to make sure players have plenty of time to master the new arena.”

However, different versions of Kings Canyon have previously come back in LTMs, such as Shadowfall, or the throwback to original maps in Season 9, so we can’t rule out an LTM featuring Kings Canyon.


When is Olympus back in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Fast Drop Trick
Respawn Entertainment
Olympus was the third map added to Apex Legends and it introduced several new concepts, like drivable vehicles and Rift technology, to the Apex universe.

Just like Kings Canyon, Olympus is out for the whole of Season 11 and won’t return until Season 12 at the earliest.

Respawn said that after four seasons straight of being in the rotation, it was time for Olympus to get a rest, while players get more time to learn Storm Point.

We can’t rule out that LTMs might release in Season 11 that will bring back Olympus temporarily, but it’s much more likely that Respawn use the new map, Storm Point, for LTMs instead.

We’ll keep this page updated when Respawn confirm the return of either Olympus or Kings Canyon.