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When is Apex Legends Chinatown Market crossover? Release date, skins, more

Published: 16/Mar/2021 12:20

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends leaks have revealed that a crossover with fashion brand Chinatown Market is in the works, but when will the new skins be releasing? Well, here’s what we know. 

Over the last few years, Fortnite has set the bar for other battle royales to follow when it comes to doing crossovers. Epic Games have done everything from in-game concerts to new skins, and beyond.

In the case of Apex Legends, crossovers have, so far, been limited. Other EA properties like Star Wars and Mass Effect have reared their heads, and you can get weapon charms for games that are made by Valve.


However, it looks like they’ll be extending their crossovers to LA-based fashion company Chinatown Market with a sale event seemingly in the works before the start of Season 9.

Three steam weapon charms for Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The charms all have some inspiration from Valve games.

Apex Legends Chinatown Market event start date

Now, if you have no idea what Chinatown Market is, well, it’s a clothing brand that was established in 2016 and previously noted, it’s based out of Los Angeles. They’ve linked up with the likes of FaZe Clan and NBA 2K before, so they’ve got gaming pedigree.

Some fans might raise their eyebrows at Respawn linking up with them, but, they’re a pretty trend brand and as such, can bring some nice designs to the Outlands.


In terms of when we might see those skins, and maybe more, reliable leaker Shrugtal stated that it should happen before the close of Season 8. He estimated that March 27 might be the start date, but March 30 is also possible.

Apex Legends Chinatown Market skins

As noted, the Chinatown Market crossover would likely bring some nice designs to the legends, rather than an event based on map changes, limited-time modes, and more.

Leakers like Shrugtal have already uncovered a handful of skins linked to the event, with Bloodhound, Lifeline, Mirage and Wraith in line for new cosmetics. You can see them all, here.

More skins might come as a part of the crossover, and given that some leakers are referring to it as a sale, we might see some discounts on the item store. We’ll have to wait and see.


If more skins and information leaks ahead of time, we’ll update this article. So, make sure to check back.