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Top 10 most viewed Apex Legends Twitch streamers: September 2021

Published: 1/Oct/2021 19:30 Updated: 1/Oct/2021 23:45

by Bill Cooney


September was another big month for Apex Legends on Twitch, with some tournaments and plenty of streamers sticking around after coming over from Warzone.

A lot of streamers on Twitch have stuck around playing Apex in September after switching from Warzone and other games, such as NICKMERCS, which kept the game well within the top 10 most-watched games for the entire month.

But who was the best? Here are the most-viewed Apex streamers on Twitch in September 2021.

Most watched Apex Legends Twitch streamers (September)

At first with the most hours watched was Japanese streamer kato_junichi0817, who shot to the top of the list after netting more than 200,000 viewers during a single Apex stream at the end of the month.


NICKMERCS and Ninja weren’t far behind though, and even good old Tfue made the list as well. Here’s the full top 10 according to SullyGnome including the number of hours streamed, viewing hours, and peak viewers:

Streamer Watch Time Stream Time Peak Viewers
kato_junichi0817 6,681,847 hours 180 hours 219,949
TSM_ImperialHal 3,362,203 hours 197 hours 36,978
stylishnoob4 3,017,069 hours 121 hours 114,474
NICKMERCS 2,805,191 hours 82 hours 52,722
Ninja 1,632,422 hours 133 hours 26,029
ShivFPS 1,619,824 hours 199 hours 15,469
Tfue 1,522,532 hours 148 hours 24,505
iiTzTimmy 1,509,212 hours 92 hours 40,032
fps_shaka 1,430,459 hours 67 hours 34,500
NiceWigg 937,533 hours 142 hours 29,201

Nick’s fall three spots probably has to do with him only streaming Apex for 82 hours in September, compared to the 195 hours he played in August.

After missing out on the top 10 in August, NiceWigg just makes the list, perhaps because of TimTheTatman’s vacated spot, but there are a few names missing from last month, namely xQc, and ShibFPS as well.

After not even making the top 10 in August kato_junichi0817 shot to number 1 in September.

Previous top Apex Legends streamers

Most watched Apex Legends Twitch streamers (August ’21)

Nick put in work in Apex in August, with 195 hours streamed, along with his total hours watched helped him rise above the likes of xQc, iiTzTimmy, and Tfue to take the top spot for August.


Streamer Watch Time Stream Time Peak Viewers
NICKMERCS 9,704,358 hours 195 hours 79,589
iiTzTimmy 4,140,091 hours 172 hours 132,004
Tfue 3,263,550 hours 167 hours 42,242
xQc 3,012,911 hours 50 hours 102,676
TimTheTatman 2,379,719 hours 50 hours 139,020
TSM_ImperialHal 2,095,549 hours 128 hours 32,276
ShibFPS 1,794,476 hours 211 hours 32,870
fps_shaka 1,570,272 hours 74 hours 56,768
stylishnoob4 1,360,756 71 hours 78,777
cloakzy 1,332,324 134 hours 26,571

Stay tuned to find out who the most-watched Apex Legends Twitch streamers are in October.