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Strange Apex Legends Mirage bug is ruining Bloodhound’s Ultimate

Published: 10/Apr/2020 16:11

by Connor Bennett


A new Apex Legends bug appears to be ruining Bloodhound’s ultimate when a player decides to target one of Mirage’s decoys – prompting thoughts of a potential change being in the works. 

After a few teases, Respawn dropped the all-new Old Ways event into Apex Legends on April 7 but its arrival has seemingly prompted a few game-breaking issues. Players have been reporting problems with the Devotion’s recoil, Lifeline becoming a “useless” legend pick, as well as a bug that allows enemies to shoot while downed.

However, it seems pretty ironic that one of the newest and strangest bugs actually harms Bloodhound – seeing as the event and subsequent Town Takeover has been centered around the Technological Tracker. 


Respawn Entertainment
The Old Ways Apex Legends event is all about Bloodhound.

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The new issue, which was pointed out by Reddit user MinercoJ, is causing Bloodhound’s ‘Beast of the Hunt’ Ultimate to not work as intended. 

When the legend has their eyes laid upon a Mirage decoy and decides to pull the trigger, no matter how much time is left on the Ultimate, the ability will quickly stop working altogether and return the character back to their normal state.

Weird glitch where shooting a decoy removes beast of the hunt from apexlegends

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Of course, if you’re using the Beast of the Hunt ultimate ability, you probably don’t want to waste it on a Mirage decoy at all. You’d want the real thing.


Some players pointed out that it could be the early stages of the planned Mirage buff that the developers recently revealed. “Probably means that the buff planned for Mirage is going to involve some punishments to enemies for shooting decoys,” noted Goldfish18.

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Seeing as Respawn hasn’t yet confirmed what said buff will be, it’s hard to say whether the fan’s explanation is spot on or wide of the mark. 

Though, if it is wrong and this continues on being a bug that plagues games, the developers will have to make a move to patch it so that Bloodhound continues to be a viable legend to play as.