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Strange Apex Legends bug making players respawn as different legends returns

Published: 2/Mar/2021 20:14

by Michael Gwilliam


Apex Legends players have uncovered a weird bug that can make teammates respawn as a completely different character than the one they’re currently playing as.

One of the best parts about Apex Legends is learning a character and mastering them so you can use their kit to its maximum potential.

That said, sometimes your skills may vary and there could be two or more legends that you want to play as. Well, thanks to a new bug, you can start the game as one character and then change to another when you’re respawned.

As shown by user _Diomedes- on Reddit, their teammate somehow swapped from Revenant to Pathfinder mid-game.


My teammate switched from Revenant to Pathfinder mid-game. from apexlegends

This is incredibly bizarre and it’s unclear what exactly triggers it, but some users in the comments have suggested that it happens when a player dies, disconnects, respawns and sometimes reconnects.

Others say the bug has happened to them. “This happened to me my teammate was a Bangalore and I respawned them and they came back as a Bloodhound but they already left the game so the Bloodhound was standing there afk.”

“It happened to me back in season 2 where I was Pathfinder but somehow respawned as Lifeline,” another remarked.

Speaking of Lifeline, player McMax27 commented that the bug happened to them while playing as Loba and the game switched them to Lifeline. In this case, there was even video evidence.


As Dexerto previously reported, this bug was more frequent back in 2019 as it was plaguing players back in Season 3. There was even a twist to it at one point where only the legend’s appearance would switch, but their abilities would remain the same.

Since then, the bug seems to have either been fixed or patched out, but it has returned at some point. Hopefully, the developers can be alerted so they can fix this bug once and for all so it doesn’t affect any more games. Given how game-breaking this could be, it should be looked into as soon as possible.