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Small change to Armor in Apex Legends would be perfect for shield swaps

Published: 17/Jun/2021 17:24

by Lauren Bergin


If you’ve been baited one too many times and are sick of collecting broken shields in Apex Legends, one fan has devised the perfect fix.

While abilities and gunplay are crucial to dominating in Apex Legends, the impact that shields have can’t be understated. In a pinch, having the highest tier of shield can truly be the difference between life and death.

It seems that there might be some balancing for the coveted items coming in the future, though, as one Respawn dev has asked the community for their feedback on the game’s armor. Responses largely implied that players like the current state of the shields, but only time will tell if the devs decide to change it.


A simple quality of life adjustment has come in the form of an interesting Reddit concept, which, if implemented, could make life a little bit easier.

Apex Legends Evo Shields
Respawn Entertainment
Evo Shields have become one of Apex Legends’ most coveted items.

Solution to picking up broken armor

One of the most frustrating things is finding what you think is a fresh red or gold armor, only to loot them and find that they’ve been totally depleted. While this might not matter if you’ve got time and shield batteries, if you’re in a pinch that glowing armor isn’t going to help much.

To solve this issue, one fan has devised a simple fix that would make depleted armor a lot clearer to other players.


“What if cracked/depleted Evo Shields stopped glowing to indicate they have no shield left,” they write, calling their idea “a small QoL change.”

However, despite its simplicity, this would make things a lot easier for players. If you have time to pick up that red armor and recharge it then great, but if you’re using gold armor and have only taken a couple of hits, it might not be worth it.

With over 5k upvotes and 100 comments at the time of writing, players overwhelmingly agree that this seemingly tiny change could have a major impact on how the game pans out.


Respondents have praised the post for being a “good idea,” with one even suggesting that Respawn go a step further and “stop Loba’s ultimate picking up broken shields over full shields.”

Will this be something we see in the future? Only time will tell. Until then, though, make sure you always double-check that any new shields you’ve picked up are charged, otherwise you’re just a walking “skin bag,” to quote Revenant.