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Simple Apex Legends tip lets Wraith’s Portal block enemy escape routes

Published: 14/Aug/2020 12:43

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have got a simple tip that could ruin an enemy’s game if they get too greedy and try to chase Wraith and her teammates through a portal. 

As Wraith has cemented herself as the most popular legend in Apex Legends, fans of the free-to-play battle royale have been one-upping each other with the best ways to play as the Interdimensional Skirmisher. 

We’ve seen players dart around World’s Edge and Kings Canyon and lighting up the kill feed with insane elimination totals as well as taking a slower approach, but one constant remains – her portal. 


Players have used the portal to slow enemies down, but now, they’ve got another helpful use for it – forcing the foes to enter a chokehold that they can’t really escape.

Wraith in her Voidwalker skin
Wraith is, by far and away, Apex’s most popular character.

The simple trick comes courtesy of Reddit user reeterdee, showing that if you place a Wraith portal entrance in a doorway, the enemies have to use it if they want to get to you. 

That means that you can then place the exit in a spot that is convenient for you. This could be looking at a random corner in a room or on another doorway so that if they try to flank, the opponents still end up in your clutches. 


As the Redditor shows, as enemies try to dart through, they might be slightly baffled and not ready for a fight. This leads to easy eliminations, and in their case, a pretty stellar victory. 

When using Wraith, placing a portal on the doors can block teams from getting in and forces them to take the portal in desperate scenarios, you now know where they’ll end up. from apexuniversity

Of course, as you climb through the ranks of Apex Legends, you’ll come up against players who have their own tricks that they use to catch you out. So, they might be fully aware of whats going on with the portal by the door.

If they’re not, and you’re in lower level games, it could be pretty easy to use the tip to your advantage on your way to becoming Apex Champion.