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Simple Apex Legends map change idea would be perfect for final circles

Published: 21/Jun/2021 11:47

by Alex Garton


An Apex Legends player has suggested a simple map change that would be a huge help to squads when attempting to navigate the final circle.

The Apex Legends community is constantly attempting to help Respawn Entertainment improve the game by suggesting unique and interesting ideas on social media.

Whether it’s brand new Warzone-style hop-ups or buff concepts to help make every single Legend viable in the meta, there’s never a day where players fail to come up with original and exciting ideas.

Despite this, some of the best proposals are the simple quality of life changes that help improve some of the game’s fundamental features. Well, that’s exactly what PowerfulBobman’s map zoom concept aims to achieve, making it easier for squads to navigate the final circle.


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The final circle is the most intense period of an Apex Legends match.

Simple zoom change to Apex Legends map

A thread posted to the Apex Legends subreddit suggesting a change to the in-game map for Arenas and BR has garnered plenty of support.

Currently, the map feature in Apex Legends is static and has to be manually zoomed in to fit the circle as it closes. During the final stages of a match, it can be incredibly dangerous to spend any time on the map screen as every squad is so densely packed together.

Players want to be able to flick to their map and have a clear view of the final circle, allowing them to ping areas for their teammates to watch. So, PowerfulBobman has suggested that the developers make it so the map zooms in as the circles get smaller and smaller.


This would be a particularly helpful addition to the Artillery Arenas map, where players are given the full view of Kings Canyon by default. In the fast-paced environment of Arenas and the final few circles in BR, squads will often not have time to re-arrange their map.

Despite being an extremely simple change, this could be a difference-maker for players when attempting to ping and communicate with their squad. Fingers crossed Respawn recognizes the thread and opts to implement this feature in a future update.