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Simple Apex Legends guide shows common mistakes & how to avoid them

Published: 1/Aug/2020 23:40

by Alan Bernal


There’s a lot that can go wrong in a given match of Apex Legends, but there’s a whole subset of common mistakes that lower Ranked players will often commit.

Seeing these typical pitfalls in strategy and recognizing them in your game is the first step to cleaning up your tactics that can easily lead to deeper runs. The Apex Games can be unforgiving, luckily user ‘Jagaleksandr’ has some tips that can help manage the chaos.


In their tutorial, some of the biggest makes people are making doesn’t deal with aim or knowing the best use of Legends; instead, it has to do with basic decision-making all players should familiarize themselves with.

For example, their first suggestion has to do with punching. Using the melee option is great fun to take down an opponent who is also trying to put the mitts on for a rumble.

Respawn Entertainment
There’s plenty of room for error in the Apex Arena, so learning the basics can go a long way.

But as soon as the other player picks up a gun: “Even if it’s a Mozambique, please, don’t start punching.” There’s no shame at this point to stop what you’re doing and just run to avoid bringing a knife to a gunfight.


Similarly, if a Respawn Beacon dropped you off in the middle of a battle or you’re panicking from everything going on around you, just regroup! As Jagaleksandr put it, “if you’re not sure what’s happening, retreat, regroup, heal and come back.”

This theme of team cohesion is repeated throughout the video, seeing as there are too many kills given away when the Arena starts to heat up.

That problem leads into other blunders like ‘blind pushes,’ something that they say is a “very common mistake in the end game where people think they are gods because they got some kills.”


I tried to replicate some common mistakes that players are making. Those are the ones i encountered the most, let me know what you think and hope you find this helpful) from apexuniversity

Pushing into a fight without any information, any back up, or any kind of contingency plan gives you a low chance of a favorable bout.

There are tons of things that Jagaleksandr points out for people to improve on, and not many are hard to actually get better at, since it’s all in the players’ control.