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Shroud returns to Apex Legends but quits after only 3 matches

Published: 22/Aug/2020 12:17

by Joe Craven


Popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek grew frustrated with Apex Legends after just 3 games, promptly quitting the battle royale in favor of Riot Games’ Valorant. 

Seeing shroud back on Twitch has been a welcome sight for his millions of fans, with the ex-CS:GO pro returning to his original platform following the collapse of Mixer. Despite his long-awaited return, he has struggled to nail down one title he wants to spend significant amounts of time with.

A hacker forced the streaming star to quit Warzone in one of his first streams back and, on August 21, his time on Apex ended a similar way.


Bloodhound in APex Legends
Bloodhound’s Ultimate Ability got under shroud’s skin.

While there was no hacker in sight, shroud became frustrated with a number of aspects of the new season. The final straw was Bloodhound’s Ultimate Ability – Beast of the Hunt. The ability enables Bloodhound to find prey far more easily, as well as moving significantly quicker.

With the first circle just beginning to close, shroud’s team quickly became engaged in a gunfight, leading to the ex-CS:GO star using his ult to try and locate his opponents. However, shroud felt that the usage of his Ultimate messed around with his sensitivity, blaming it for his untimely death.

“Jesus! Dude I had the Longbow as my backup,” shroud said, as he was downed by an enemy team. “They made Bloodhound’s ult’s sensitivity different. Like literally, my sensitivity fully changed when I popped my ult. How? How is this happening?”


“Well, that’s enough Apex,” he finished. That was the end of shroud’s time on Apex Legends, as he promptly moved over to Riot Games’ Valorant – the tactical FPS game that many thought shroud was set to turn pro in.

That proved untrue, with shroud back at his variety streaming as soon as he reappeared on Twitch. He appears to be struggling to nail down a title though, at least if his fortunes on Warzone and Apex Legends are anything to go by.