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Shroud explains why controllers would have an “advantage” in Apex crossplay

Published: 2/Mar/2020 15:51

by Kamil Malinowski


Mixer star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has explained his thoughts on crossplay between consoles and PC in Apex Legends, pointing to one key thing that would need to be fixed for it to be fair. 

Shroud is one of the most popular streamers out there and made a name for himself with his insane skills in first-person shooters. The Canadian has played just about every shooter at a high level after retiring from CS:GO and fans all over the world still flock to him to learn and watch incredible gameplay.

He’s recently been enjoying Apex Legends and spoke about the potential of crossplay between consoles and PC for the game, citing one key issue that the devs would have to work on for it to be fair.


Mixer: shroud
Shroud has been dipping in and out of Apex in recent streams.

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Grzesiek took a break in-between games to answer a viewer’s question about the possibility of crossplay in Apex and immediately pointed to an issue with muzzle flash.

“If they’re even considering doing crossplay muzzle flash needs to be changed or removed. That’s the advantage [of console]. It’s not so much that controllers are aimbots, the problem is that the controller is correcting you even if you’re visually impaired.” He began, before giving a specific example.

“For example, shooting with the r99. The controller doesn’t have any problem, meanwhile, with a mouse, you have to correct yourself when you’re fighting indoors and face muzzle flash.”


Quoted segment begins at 11:26.

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The Canadian does have a point, as consoles are equipped with some aim assist to make the game bearable to play. It’s very difficult to track opponents with a controller so many popular shooters add some sort of aim assist to help players who are already aiming well to stick to their opponent.

This means sometimes players don’t need to aim through muzzle flash as the aim assist will help, meanwhile on PC, it is a lot more troublesome.

Respawn has not commented on this potential issue, although, if there is some crossplay, they would have no doubt thought long and hard on how to make the game fair for both sides.