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Apex Legends Rampart heirloom revealed: Problem Solver

Published: 9/Sep/2021 18:03

by Alex Garton


The Evolution Collection Event has been announced in Apex Legends and it’s bringing Rampart her very own heirloom, the Problem Solver.

Season 10 of Apex Legends is now live and the community is getting stuck into all the new content that Emergence has to offer.

Whether it’s the absolutely lethal Rampage SMG, the brand new Legend Seer, or the huge changes to the World’s Edge map, Respawn certainly knocked it out of the park with the latest update.

However, now the Evolution Collection event has been scheduled for September 14, players are looking forward to the next chapter in Season 10.


While the Town Takeover, Arenas changes, and cosmetics have players excited, it’s Rampart’s new heirloom that’s getting most of the attention.

First look at Rampart’s Problem Solver heirloom

Rampart Heirloom Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Rampart is getting her very own Heirloom in Evolution.

On September 9, Respawn Entertainment released the Evolution Collection event trailer to their official YouTube channel and gave fans their first look at Ramparts heirloom.

The hefty wrench is called the Problem Solver and matches the leaks that were released back in May. With a metallic red and grey color scheme, the weapon fits Rampart’s personality perfectly.

Always looking to mod and improve various weapons, it makes sense that the Amped Modder would be carrying around a tool like this while competing in the Apex Games.


Luckily for us, the trailer showcases all of the unique animations that the Problem Solver has in-game and it definitely looks like an heirloom worth grinding for.

The Evolution Collection event begins on September 14, so start your countdown timers and get ready to obtain all of the items so you can get your hands on the Problem Solver.

Keep in mind, after the collection event finishes, the only way to get the heirloom will be through packs, so don’t leave it all down to luck.

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