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New Mobile Respawn Beacons coming to Apex Legends – how they work

Published: 20/Jun/2020 1:02

by Theo Salaun


Next week’s Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection Event features new cosmetics, but also an Armed and Dangerous Evolved LTM that will debut an intriguing, long-awaited addition: Mobile Respawn Beacons.  

Respawn Beacons serve one of the most critical functions in Apex Legends, allowing you to bring back teammates who suffered the misfortune of early death. While bringing said fallen comrades back has been subject to static Beacon placement in the past, a brand-new item will change that, starting next week.


EA and Respawn Entertainment have confirmed that Mobile Respawn Beacons will begin rolling out, exclusively during the LTM at first, before being introduced throughout Public and Ranked matches soon after. This follows a July 2019 leaked audio file that teased the existence of a “Portable Respawn Beacon.”  

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While no one knew exactly what that leak meant or how these would function back then, we do now. 

Like Lifeline’s Care Package, a Mobile Respawn beacon is placed at a specific drop location and takes some time to drop from the sky. Once it has landed, looking like a miniature, bite-sized version of its traditional, unmoving counterparts, one person can be re-deployed. 


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Since you seem to only get one use out of a Mobile Respawn Beacon and its not limited to just the team that deployed it, squads are sure to fight over them once the satellite deployment initiates.

And that doubles for the Armed and Dangerous Evolved LTM, where these will be replacing the standard versions entirely for the mode’s duration.

As for how you obtain these new items, they are simply being added to the game’s rotation of loot—meaning you can find them and store them for later. Thus far, it’s unclear if they take up more than one inventory slot or if you can carry multiple. 


Respawn Entertainment
These classic Respawn Beacons will be getting replaced by their portable counterparts for a limited time.

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Respawn have also confirmed that, after the Lost Treasures Collection event ends, Mobile Respawn Beacons will be added to the Season 5 loot pool across all matches, both Public and Ranked.

Although squads will still be restricted by the need to obtain their fallen teammates’ Banner Cards, this should at least bring some flexibility to re-deployment and more new life, pun intended, to an upsurging battle royale.