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New Apex Legends leaks suggest Easter event coming soon in Season 4

Published: 23/Mar/2020 7:07 Updated: 23/Mar/2020 16:04

by Isaac McIntyre


Respawn could be bringing the very first Easter-themed event to Apex Legends next month, if new leaks regarding Pathfinder’s heirloom animations which mention the chocolate-filled holiday are to be believed.

Holiday-themed events in Apex Legends are nothing new ⁠— the battle royale has twice turned pink for Valentine’s Day, and celebrated Halloween with a spooky return to a darkened King’s Canyon during the Fight or Fright event.

More recently, World’s Edge was treated to a “Holo-Day Bash,” hosted by wisecracking legend Mirage to celebrate Christmas. Now it looks like Easter could be next on the menu, after new code mentioned the holiday by name.


Pathfinder holding up his Heirloom boxing gloves
Respawn Entertainment
Could Pathfinder’s Heirloom code have just revealed a new Apex Legends event?

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Does Pathfinder’s Heirloom update confirm an Easter event?

The leaked code was first discovered and publicized by popular data miner ILootGames. The code strings were related to Pathfinder’s Heirloom boxing gloves. The files suggest the robot scout could be getting new animations.

While that is cool news for Pathfinder mains ⁠— everyone loves new animations ⁠— the real gem of info was the event details. In the strings, “Easter” was mentioned multiple times in relation to the robot’s new melee moves.

“We should be getting some Easter content,” ILootGames said alongside the leaked code, but he added he wasn’t sure on the exact details. “It looks like it’ll include some change or new animations for Pathfinders heirloom.”


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When could we see the Easter event land in Apex?

If an Easter event is on the way, there’s little question when it would happen. This year’s big day lands on Sunday, April 12. That means the event may start ahead of that weekend, and run into the middle of the next week.

Fight or Fright and Holo-Day Bash were both Collection Events, which the Easter celebration may also be. The Halloween-themed event lasted three weeks from October 15 to November 5. The Christmas event ran for 26 days.

Apex’s most recent Collection Event was the System Override update. It finished on March 17, after two weeks live. The Deja Loot-focused update also broke the mold of consecutive holiday-themed events, though the next may not.



Mirage's themed event was based around Christmas.
Apex celebrated Christmas with the Holo-Day Bash event in December and January.

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Could the Easter event tie into Bloodhound’s Town Takeover?

These new Easter leaks, and the fact the chocolatey celebration is fast approaching, raises another question. Could the rumored Bloodhound Town Takeover somehow tie into the new event found in Pathfinder’s heirloom code?

According to files loaded into the Apex Legends code in the latest update, first revealed by data miner Shrugtal, and confirmed by Dexerto, the takeover’s teasers will begin in-game at the end of the month on Tuesday, March 31.

Most game previews come a week before the actual takeovers, meaning we’d be looking at April 7 this time ⁠— the perfect time for an Easter event to start.


While Bloodhound doesn’t have any ties to chocolate or Easter, apart from hunting things, neither did Mirage when he landed his big gig with the Holo-Day Christmas celebrations. Nor does Pathfinder, with whom the code was found.

Respawn Entertainment
Bloodhound’s rumored Town Takeover lines up with a potential Easter event could they be related?

For now, however, Apex fans will just have to remain patient. Respawn has never responded to datamined leaks before, meaning we may have to wait patiently until March 31 to see if all the leaks from the code come true.

The Easter-cross-Pathfinder leaks aren’t the only things code-dippers have found in the files recently either. Last week, seven new gun reskins were discovered. The Mastiff, R-301, G7 Scout, and more are all set for the variant skins.