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Major changes to Apex Legends floor loot potentially coming in Season 6

Published: 11/Aug/2020 10:14 Updated: 13/Aug/2020 23:19

by Connor Bennett


The Apex Legends meta could be in for a huge change with the start of Season 6 after one leaker hinted that the R-99 is set to only be available through supply drops.

With the start of Season 6 just on the horizon, Respawn have started dropping hints about what Apex Legends fans can expect. Rampart will finally join the battle as a new legend, the ability to craft items is also coming, and World’s Edge is set for changes – though, an Olympus map might also join the rotation.


As the start date for the new season inches closer and closer, leakers are also starting to work their magic by finding details about what Respawn hasn’t revealed just yet. 

As a result, it looks like the current loot pool of weapons could be in for a major overhaul, with hints that the R-99 may no longer be available off the floor. 

Respawn Entertainment
Rampart is finally joining Apex Legends in Season 6.

The hint comes courtesy of reliable leaker Biast12, who posted a teasing tweet on August 9. In his post, the leaker tweeted the names of the R-99 and Devotion with different emojis attached. 

The Devotion has a set of footprints next to it, seemingly signaling that the LMG will be available as floor loot in the next season instead of supply drops. 


Though, as for the hugely popular SMG weapon, there is a box as well as the medical emoji next to it – seemingly pointing to it only being available via Care Packages. 

Looks like the r-99 may be a care package drop next season from apexlegends

However, the R-99 being in care packages would be a huge change in itself given that weapons aren’t typically found in there. 

Even though Biast has proven to be ultra-reliable in the past, we won’t know if the post is true until Season 6 releases. Yet, the changes would make sense.

The addition of the Volt SMG means something will have to switch out and the R-99, being as powerful as it is, would fit as a supply drop weapon. Though, we’ll just have to see what Respawn has in store.