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LuluLuvely fans rally behind streamer after struggles with hate and suddenly ending stream

Published: 16/Jun/2021 13:40

by Lauren Bergin


After Apex Legends streamer LuluLuvely quit mid-stream due to issues with the community’s toxicity, fans have rallied behind the Twitch star.

While Apex Legends has been praised for its inclusivity, no online game or community, especially around a personality, is safe from the rantings and ravings of toxic individuals.

Twitch streamers such as LuluLuvely often face the worst of the abuse from jealous viewers or trolls. Quitting mid-stream due to being overwhelmed by negativity, the streamer mentioned that she was being “pushed over the edge.”

LuluLuvely on stream
Twitch: LuluLuvely
NRG’s star streamer, LuluLuvely, quit mid-stream due to chat toxicity.

LuluLuvely ends stream abruptly

Clearly distressed, Lulu’s June 9 stream ended abruptly. While the original VOD has been deleted, a 30 second clip has resurfaced.


“I haven’t been in a dark place for a long time, but this community pushes me over the edge,” confesses the streamer. “It makes me think about killing myself all the f**king time now.”

The clip cuts off, but Lulu goes on to vent that the pressure put on her to inspire is outweighed by the backlash she gets for her efforts. From what we are aware, the stream ended very quickly after this.

Fans rally behind LuLu

Lulu has not tweeted or streamed since, leading to an outpouring of positive support from both her community, and the wider Apex playerbase.

One fan reminds the streamer that “Lulu, you’re an inspiration to so many women, and you have an insane amount of support right behind you.”


Another fan replied to the streamer’s latest tweet, pleading with her to “please take care of yourself, you are so loved and so appreciated by your true community. We love you sooo much!!”

Additionally, Brazilian artists at Bonnie & Clyde studio banded together to create a beautiful illustration of the streamer, writing that they “hope she’s okay.”

So we decided to make this illustration for Lulu. I hope she’s okay. <3 from apexlegends

LuluLuvely is by far the most popular female Twitch streamer for Apex Legends, and has hosted a number of community events, such as Lulu’s Throwdown.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, or know anyone that is, and you would like to talk to someone, please reach out and call the Suicide Prevention Helpline 1-800-273-8255 (USA), the Samaritans 116-123 (UK), or Lifeline 13-11-14 (AUS).