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Apex Legends

Leaked Apex Legends skydiving emotes are absolutely brilliant

Published: 7/Sep/2019 17:50 Updated: 7/Sep/2019 18:15

by Bill Cooney


New emotes have been leaked for Apex Legends that  should give players more to do while dropping into the map than just looking for a landing spot.

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Every Apex round begins with players jumping from the dropship to land somewhere in King’s Canyon and skydive emotes were introduced with Season 2.

But now, new emotes have leaked that will let you bust more moves while dropping into the battle and they look like a nice change from the usual routine, plus, who doesn’t want to surf through the air with Gibraltar?

EAGibraltar has finally found a use for his Gun Shield.
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New skydiving emotes for Mirage and Gibraltar

Each skydiving emote has to be unlocked for each individual hero through the Battle Pass before they can be used.


To unlock all of the current emotes, players must level up their Apex Legends Battle Pass. Emotes are unlocked at the following levels:

10 – Bangalore

20 – Bloodhound

30 – Caustic

40 – Gibraltar

45 – Lifeline

60 – Mirage

70 – Octane

80 – Pathfinder

95 – Wattson

95 – Wraith

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The still-unreleased Gibraltar emote was clipped on Twitch by snoker_89 and shows the absolute legend using his Gun Shield to board through the air.

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Reddit user Pastrie82 posted video of the new Mirage emote, and said it was discovered by a fellow player.

“My friend Wildzombie77 was just playing a normal match of Apex on PC (with controller of course),” they explained.  “When he jumped out of the ship and found a skydive emote menu for Mirage with two emote options when he tried to use the regular emote.”


New Leaked Mirage Rodeo Emote!!! from r/apexlegends

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So far only new skydiving emotes for Gibraltar and Mirage have been leaked, but it would make sense for each Legend to have two emotes.

We still don’t know how players will be able to unlock the newly leaked emotes, but they are definitely a must-have for your favorite hero.