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Insane “200 IQ” Lifeline play in Apex Legends Ranked Play goes viral

Published: 29/Mar/2020 10:42

by Andy Williams


With Kings Canyon back in Apex Legends’ rotation, some players feel right at home. That was most definitely the case for this Lifeline player, who went viral after making a sneaky “200 IQ” play.

Apex Legends’ Ranked Split 2 has been live since March 24, and players have been flooding EA’s servers to bask in Kings Canyon’s nostalgic glory.

For those who hadn’t played Apex Legends prior to Season 3, Kings Canyon is an entirely new adventure. But for most, they seem to be settling back in just fine.

Apex Legends cinematic for Season 2.
Kings Canyon is the original stomping ground for the vast majority of the Apex Legends player base.

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While World’s Edge has played host to some incredible sniper moments, including a crazy Kraber play which showcased Train Yard as the go-to sniper’s paradise on Talos.


But Apex player ‘thatslegitaccount’ has perhaps trumped that, as they highlighted the perfect use of Legendary Body Armor during an intense one-versus-one battle.

With their shield depleted, the Lifeline had their back against the wall. With both teammates down, they had to rely on wits to get one over on a bloodthirsty Caustic.

lifeline 200 iq play from apexlegends

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After taking some damage, the Lifeline baits Caustic into a close-quarters engagement, but drops their completely depleted gold-tier body shield on the floor as the enemy closes the gap.

Just before the Caustic gets around the corner, the Lifeline manages to hide out-of-sight while the opposition swaps out their Epic Body Armor for the empty shield.


With a Peacekeeper in-hand, the Lifeline pops out and finishes off the Caustic to clutch the intense situation for their team.

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To top it off, they manage to loot a fully stacked Legendary Body Armor from the Caustic’s Death Box — really adding insult to injury and rounding off a perfect “200 IQ” play.

There’s no doubt that this Apex Legends player will be well on their way to a Platinum rank if they continue to pull clever plays like that out of the bag.