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Apex Legends

Breathtaking Apex Legends Wraith fan art is already a huge hit with players

Published: 7/May/2019 11:33

by Connor Bennett


One Apex Legends player has taken their love of the game one step beyond any other, mocking up a fantastic-looking photo of Wraith and her portal ability.

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Fans of Apex Legends have been hard at work to show their appreciation for the battle royale title that was released back in early February.

Some fans have gone to extreme lengths to complete cosplay looks and outfits, while others have imagined up plenty of ideas for new in-game content – including new legends and their abilities. Others, however, have just decided to put their artistic skills to the test and draw incredible-looking fan art.


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Respawn entertainmentWraith has proven to be one of the most popular Apex Legends – in-game and out.

In a post to the Apex Legends subreddit, user LeonGrand showed off their incredibly well-done fan art recreation of the character Wraith.

The image was done to mimic a side-on look at Wraith’s movement while she is darting through one of her portals – complete with that purple residue that lingers. The photo has been so incredibly drawn and completed, that you would be forgiven for thinking that it has come from some pre-release art book that never got used in-game.

Reddit: LeonGrandThe full breathtaking fan art of Wraith.
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Apex Legends players wowed

Other fans who saw the post immediately made their opinions known, complimenting the artists on the quality of the design – with others begging for a bigger version that they could use as their computer wallpaper.


“Damn, that’s some fantastic artwork. Keep up the good work!” commented user StrifeLynX.

Another, posting under the username SpartanK4102, added: “Apex needs more high-quality fan art like this! There used to be so much when the game first came out. A shame the hype died down. I’m still having a blast.”

Will there be any Apex Legends updates soon?

While Respawn Entertainment’s foray into the battle royale market may have seen its popularity slip in recent weeks, fans clearly still remain and are as passionate as ever about the game.

However, that passion could finally peter out if the game falls any further to the wayside. While Respawn may be gearing up for the release of their season two battle pass content, fans have gone a month without a major update and are desperate to see changes.