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How to use Observation Towers on Kings Canyon in Apex Legends

Published: 5/Feb/2021 11:12 Updated: 8/Feb/2021 16:47

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends Season 8 has made a vast number of changes to Kings Canyon, with Observation Towers giving players a high ground advantage like never before. Here’s how you use them.

Alongside the additions of Fuse, the 30-30 Repeater, and a whole lot more, Apex Legends Season 8 has also given us a brand-new version of Kings Canyon, of which we’ve picked some of the best landing spots. 

Known as Obliterated Kings Canyon, the reshaped map takes away a lot of the dead space that the original Apex Legends map had, introducing a few new spots and a more vibrant feel to the battle royale.


A lot of these changes have been brought upon by ECHO camps, which have Observation Towers in them – letting players take to high ground and coop up in a sniper’s nest.

ECHO Tents apex
Respawn Entertainment
The new ECHO camp takes over Spotted Lakes on Kings Canyon

How to activate Apex Legends Observation Towers

These Observation Towers can only be found inside the ECHO camps at spots like Spotted Lakes and Crash Sites. You can hardly miss the distinct yellow buildings that have popped up on Apex Legends‘ original map.

If you want to use a tower, the process is pretty simple. You just have to interact with a control panel that can be found near the base of the tower you want to use.


When you’ve done so, the tower will begin to activate, and you’ll just have to wait a few seconds. In this time though, a loud sound will play and alert any nearby enemies. Though, you can then use a zipline to get on top of the tower.

  1. Interact with the control panel near the base of an Observation Tower
  2. Wait as the Tower starts activating
  3. Use the zipline to get to the top
  4. Enjoy your high ground advantage
Observation Towers in Apex Legends
The Observation Towers are exclusive to the ECHO camps.

Again, while the high ground advantage is worthwhile – especially in late zones – enemies will know where you are. So, if they’re kill hungry, expect visitors pretty quickly.

You might get away with being to outplay a few enemies by activating the towers, and waiting for them to attack, but that’s a 200 IQ play. Not everyone will fall for it, either.