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How to play Mirage in Apex Legends: Abilities, tips, more

Published: 10/Mar/2021 13:21

by James Busby


Mirage brings can deceive the most eagle-eyed players, so find out how you can master the Holographic Trickster in Season 8.

Apex Legends’ big Season 8 update brought with it the 30-30 Repeater, map changes, Legendary Magazines, and a new Legend, Fuse. Respawn even buffed and nerfed a number of existing characters to help shake up the current Legend meta. While Mirage isn’t the center of attention for this patch, he is still an incredibly valuable asset to most teams. 

Mirage is a great pick for those that enjoy aggressively flanking and baiting their foes into unwinnable situations. The Holographic Trickster can often turn the tide of even the bloodiest of battles, particularly when you master his abilities. Not only does Mirage provide his team with plenty of kill opportunities, but his passive also makes rescuing downed teammates incredibly easy. 


Whether you’re looking to increase your survivability in Kings Canyon or just want to grab more Season 8 wins, then these Mirage tips and tricks will enable you to do just that.

How to make use of Mirage’s abilities

Passive: Now You See Me…

Mirage Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s passive can get you out of a tough situation.

Mirage’s passive enables him to automatically cloak when using Respawn Beacons and reviving teammates. To make matters even better, Mirage will also automatically spawn a decoy when he is downed. 

This passive may seem incredibly simple, but it can both save your team and your own life when any firefights take a turn for the worse. The invisibility from the passive can also make hiding from enemy squads a possibility, which can help you pull off those game-saving clutches.  


Tactical Ability: Psyche Out

Mirage tactical
Respawn Entertainment
Psyche out is great at bamboozling your enemies.

The main reason why most players enjoy playing Mirage is down to his ability to confuse his enemies. This is where his Psyche Out ability comes into play. Psyche Out sees Mirage unleash a lifelike holographic decoy. 

The holograph has 45 HP and a very quick 15-second cooldown, meaning players can utilize it whenever scouting out new areas or baiting enemy players. Upon pressing the utility action button, you’ll be able to control the decoy.

Ultimate: Life of the Party

Mirage Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s decoys are incredibly useful.

Mirage’s ultimate sees the Holographic Trickster unleash five controllable decoys to distract his enemies. Each decoy has 45 HP and will mimic the player’s movements for the duration of the ultimate. Unlike the previous iteration, Mirage can still attack his opponents while his copies confuse his foes. 


Holographic Trickster also has a very short cooldown (60 seconds), so be ready to use it whenever you enter combat. The added one-second of invisibility can also enable you to quickly duck behind cover or reload your weapon.

Mirage tips and tricks

1. Bait players with Psyche Out

Psyche Out
Respawn Entertainment
Baiting enemy players with Psyche Out can prove lethal.

Mirage’s tactical is not only his bread and butter ability, it is also one of his most lethal when used correctly. If you’re entering a new area for the first time and suspect that there are enemy squads nearby, then simply send it out and wait for the firing to begin. Most trigger-happy players will instantly begin firing off shots towards your holograph, so simply locate their position and either avoid it or proceed to launch a deadly counterattack. 


Placing the decoy near a care package or loot bin can also help you bait out enemy squads that have been lurking nearby. Meanwhile, those that enjoy sniping can also use this tactical to counter snipe. To do this, place the holograph near a window and wait for the enemy sniper to show himself. 

The 60-second cooldown also means you can constantly use this ability, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it.

2. Act like you’re the decoy

Respawn Entertainment
Sometimes it’s best to pretend to be the decoy when fooling veteran players.

This point may seem pretty stupid, but the amount of times this works suggests how potent it is. A lot of veteran Apex Legends players can often tell the real Mirage from the decoy, but if you pretend you’re the decoy, then things can get a little more complicated. When using your ultimate or tactical, it’s often best to simply run in a straight line and keep your movements simple in nature. 


Not only will your enemies avoid shooting you, but they’ll also likely enable you to either escape or unleash a deadly flank. While this trick isn’t always guaranteed to work, it can give make your movements harder to track.

3. Combine your ultimate and passive together

Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s tactical and ult can make a lethal combo.

What’s better than having one holographic clone? Multiple holographic clones! The low cooldown of both Mirage’s tactical and ultimate ensures you can constantly confuse your enemies. This tactic is particularly potent when you need to receive a downed squadmate.

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While you could just run up to them and hope your passive’s invisibility keeps you safe from prying eyes, it’s almost always better to flood the field with realistic lookalikes. Once you’ve unleashed your clones and sent them to run rings around your opponent, simply rush over to your fallen comrade and get them back on their feet. 

This technique is also great when you find yourself outnumbered or when you wish to quickly flee from an unwanted fight.

4. Best Legends to team up with Mirage

Respawn Entertainment
Mirage works well with Caustic and Lifeline.

Mirage’s kit works wonders with Legends like Caustic as his holographic copies can prove difficult to see noxious gas, making your plays even more unreadable. Supportive Legends like Lifeline also greatly benefit from the added mayhem on the battlefield. Once Mirage has unleashed both his tactical and ultimate, Lifeline can quickly capitalize on the confusion and revive any downed allies. 

Lastly, Bloodhound is another solid choice as the Technological Tracker can hunt down his enemies and tell Mirage exactly where to send out his tactical. These are just a few of the Legends that Mirage works with, so be sure to experiment and come up with your own lethal combinations. 

If you follow these Mirage tips & tricks, you’ll be able to bamboozle more enemies in no time. Make sure you follow @TitanfallBlog for all the latest Apex Legends news and updates.