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How to move in any direction with Octane’s Launch Pad in Apex Legends

Published: 12/Dec/2020 11:23

by Daniel Cleary


Apex Legends players have found a clever trick with Octane’s Launch Pad to move in any direction while flying through the air. Here’s what you need to know.

Octane’s unique set of fast-paced abilities makes him one of the most mobile characters in Apex Legends, but players have now found a new trick with his Launch Pad that can improve his kit in-game.

While there have been some unusual exploits and glitches surrounding his ultimate, such as the double jump glitch which has recently reappeared, a clever technique that gives players even more control over this ability has been found.


Octane in apex legends
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A clever trick has been found with Octane’s Launch Pad ultimate in Apex Legends.

The trick was shared by Apex Legends Redditor u/Dailivel, who explained that it is possible to alter the direction of Octane’s jump pad movement, regardless of the angle you approach it from.

Usually, Apex Legends players are launched in a straight line after springing off the Jump Pad, but you can now have more control and choose exactly where you want to land.

The exploit is caused by a strange interaction with the Apex Legends melee animation, even allowing players to quickly launch themselves backwards depending on what is needed during a match.

How to move any direction with Octane’s Jump Pad

  1. Load into an Apex Legends game with Octane.
  2. Place Octane’s Launch Pad on the ground when it is available.
  3. Stand right next to the jump pad and press the melee button to start the punch animation.
  4. During this animation, simply move onto the launch pad and push in the direction you want to fly.

You can go any direction with Octane’s jump pad as long as you input the direction after punching. from apexuniversity

Make sure not to jump, slide, or run onto the pad, or this simply won’t work, and you’ll be sent forward as normal. Just simply stand, melee, then select the direction.


So, there you have it. Once you follow these steps you should be able to quickly move in any direction from Octane’s launch pad, without having to change the angle you approach from.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been tested out for controller players, but presumably similar use of the movement toggle should have the same outcome.

This clever trick can be quite difficult to master and it might be worth practicing it a few times before you start relying on it in a live game. But, once you get the hang of it, it can be great to pull off when you’re in a tight spot.