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How to play Crypto in Apex Legends: Abilities, tips, more

Published: 15/Mar/2021 10:44

by Alex Garton


Here’s how to play as Crypto, the Surveillance Expert who specializes in scouting opponents and obtaining key information for your squad.

Season 8 of Apex Legends has arrived and players are loving the new content that arrived with the major update. From the new Legend Fuse to the 30-30 Repeater, and of course, the overhaul to the King’s Canyon map.

Now players are finally settling into the update, there’s no better time to pick up a new Legend that’s always one step ahead of the enemy. Of course, we’re talking about Crypto, the Surveillance Expert.

Crypto’s kit is unique and unlike any other Legend on the Apex roster. His ability to scout ahead and maintain an awareness of his surroundings can be an incredible tool in the right player’s hands.


There’s no doubt Crypto can be a staple part of any squad, but he’s a much more cerebral character – less about flashy plays, and more about intelligent ones. Let’s check out his abilities and a few tips and tricks to help you master Crypto.

How to make use of Crypto’s abilities

Passive: Neurolink

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Crypto’s kit revolves around his tactical ability ‘Surveillance Drone’.

Crypto’s passive is interconnected with his tactical Surveillance Drone. Enemies detected by the drone within 30 meters of Crypto are marked for you and your squadmates to see.

This allows you to constantly maintain an awareness of your surroundings and potential threats. It’s key you communicate any information you gain from your drone to your squadmates so they’re fully aware of any potential dangers.


Tactical: Surveillance Drone

Crypto drone
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Crypto is vulnerable while using his drone view.

Crypto’s kit is completely centered around his Surveillance Drone, so it’s imperative you know when and how to use it effectively.

The ability allows Crypto to deploy an aerial drone that can scout the surrounding area. If the drone is destroyed, there is a 40-second cooldown before another device can be deployed.

It’s key you’re utilizing the drone to scout the surrounding area for enemy squads and their exact position, Then, you can use that information to plan an organized push or make a quick escape.

Ultimate: Drone EMP

Crypto EMP
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Crypto’s Ultimate is the perfect ability to use before an aggressive push.

Drone EMP is Crypto’s Ultimate ability and allows him to activate an EMP blast that deals shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps.


The position of the EMP can be controlled via his drone making it possible to use from a distance. This makes the ability incredibly effective before an orchestrated push with your team.

After the EMP, an enemy squad should be sufficiently weakened, giving you and your teammates a huge advantage. Keep in mind, Crypto’s EMP has a 180-second cooldown so use it wisely.

Crypto tips and tricks

1. Utilize the banners located across the map

Crypto can use the banners located around the map to gain key information for his squad.

Crypto’s Surveillance Drone is incredibly useful for scouting enemy squads, even when you can’t see them. Flying your drone up to one of the digital banners will show you exactly how many enemy squads are in the area.


This allows you to stay prepared and prevents an enemy squad from sneaking up on you. Make sure you keep your drone hovering in front of a banner so you can flick back and forth from drone view and keep tabs on any enemy squads in the area.

2. Crypto’s drone can collect squadmate’s banners

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Crypto’s drone makes him the best Legend for recovering player banners.

Crypto can collect fallen teammates’ banners with his Surveillance Drone. This means he has the most consistent method of collecting player banners out of any Legend on Apex’s roster.

It’s worth noting he can even use his drone to collect banners that are outside of the radius of the safe area, as his drone is not affected by ring damage.


On top of this, Crypto can even use his drone at respawn beacons with no charge-up time to revive his allies making it incredibly safe.

3. Don’t overuse your drone

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Crypto’s drone can be an amazing tool but it can also be his downfall.

As useful as Crypto’s Surveillance Drone can be, it is also the reason why he has reputation for being an underwhelming Legend.

When you’re inside drone view, you are isolating yourself from your squad with the positive being that you are providing information. A key skill for Crypto players is knowing when to leave drone view and assist in gunfights.

It’s extremely easy to stay in your drone for too long, resulting in your squad being at a huge disadvantage. Remember, just because the drone is available doesn’t mean you always have to use it.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you pick up the basics of Crypto and taught you a few tips and tricks that you might not have made use of. If you don’t play him often or haven’t tried him in a while, it might be the perfect time to give him another shot.

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