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How to make Pathfinder’s Zipline way longer in Apex Legends

Published: 16/Aug/2020 12:08

by Joe Craven


One Apex Legends player has shared a simple trick that allows Pathfinder to shoot much longer ziplines, making them even more useful to traverse Kings Canyon or World’s Edge.

Despite recent – and controversial – changes to Pathfinder’s abilities, the ziplining robot has remained one of Apex’s most versatile Legends. His abilities are perfect for a quick reposition in the midst of an engagement or finding higher ground when needed.

However, there are limits to Pathfinder’s abilities, for example the length of zipline players can deploy. One player, though, has shared a simple trick that allows Pathy to lengthen his ziplines, meaning they can travel significantly further.


Pathfinder super grapple featuring octane and Crypto
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder has been one of the most popular legends in Apex since launch.

The smart Apex player, u/usamagottime, pointed out that an easy way to lengthen Pathfinder’s ziplines is to link it from a closer location, and then simply walking backwards with it equipped. This will lengthen the zipline beyond its normal range, enabling you to travel serious distances at once.

“Pathfinder Zipline too short?” they asked. “Try linking it from a closer location and move backwards with it locked on the other point.” Other players responded to confirm that the trick works, at least in the current build of Apex.

The attached clip showed the trick in action, with many commending the smart thinking and simple trick, that can instantly make Pathfinder more powerful. The robotic legend’s main strength is rapid travel and repositioning, and lengthening the range of his ziplines is a sure-fire way to maximize this.


Whether it is an unintentional exploit is pretty unclear, but it certainly seems to manipulate the game’s mechanic. Respawn may well look to reduce its power in the near future – as Pathfinder mains know only too well.