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How to get more Crafting Metals in Apex Legends: Materials to craft items

Published: 30/Aug/2021 13:05

by Alex Garton


Skins and cosmetics are a huge part of Apex Legends and you’ll need to collect Crafting Metals to unlock them. But how do you collect more of this currency, and can it be bought with Apex coins?

While players love taking down enemies with Apex’s unique guns and characters abilities, none of it matters unless you’re doing it in style.

With a countless amount of cosmetics to collect, including gun & character skins, holosprays, and emotes, it’s easy to see why the community is always on the hunt for Crafting Metals.

This precious currency gives players the ability to unlock specific cosmetics of their choice, with Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary tier items all costing different amounts.


But how do you maximize the amount of Crafting Metals you’re receiving and is there any way of collecting the currency outside of opening packs?


How to earn Crafting Metals in Apex Legends

Crafting Metals Apex Legends
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Crafting Metals are one of four currencies in Apex Legends.

Crafting Metals cannot be bought directly with Apex Coins, so the only way to acquire the currency is through opening packs. These packs offer Crafting Metal drops which come in four different rarities, these being Common (15), Rare (30), Epic (200), and Legendary (600).

The rarer the type of Crafting Metals you find, the more of the currency you’ll receive. So, in order to get as much of the currency as possible, you’ll need to open as many packs as you can.


These are offered to players as they’re leveling up and they’re also part of the Battle Passes that are released every season.

Finally, if you really want to speed up the process, it may be worth purchasing packs with IRL money using Apex coins. While this will set you back some cash, it will guarantee that you receive a hefty amount of Crafting Metals.

What can you spend Crafting Metals on in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends Crafting Metals
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Crafting Metals can only be obtained through packs.

Unlike Legend Tokens, Crafting Metals are used for unlocking cosmetics of your choice from the Legends or Armoury tab. Every single character and weapon in the game has a series of skins available to unlock at different tiers.


With a Legendary skin priced at 1200 Crafting Metals, it’s fair to say it may take you some time to save up, so make sure you make the correct choice when you finally decide to spend those precious Crafting Metals.

So, there you have it, that’s exactly what Crafting Metals are used for and how you can collect more of them in-game. It’s completely normal for it to take a long time to save up Crafting Metals, so make sure you’re playing regularly and you’ll have the skin of your choice in no time!

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