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How to change reticle colors in Apex Legends

Published: 29/Oct/2021 23:51

by Daniel Cleary


Apex Legends players have uncovered a simple trick to change the color of your weapon’s reticle when aiming down sights (ADS) in the battle royale title. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

There are currently thirteen unique characters in Apex Legends and each comes with their own playstyle and abilities that can play a big role in leading your team to victory.

However, at its core, Apex Legends still requires you to spend time mastering your aim and gunfighting skills, as with any FPS title, with all of the different weapons that can be found in the arena.


Apex Legends weapon reticle
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends players can change their weapon’s reticle from the default red color.

While other shooters such as CS:GO allow players to select their own crosshairs, Respawn has yet to introduce the ability for players to customize their crosshair shape or color to their liking.

How to change your reticle color in Apex Legends

One Apex player u/goodgooglymooglyy has discovered a simple way to switch up the color of your sight reticle, when aiming down scopes with a “red” dot.

While there is not a huge selection of colors to choose between, they revealed that your reticle would change after selecting one of the colorblind modes in the settings.

Here’s how you can change the color of your reticle in Apex Legends.


  1. Launch the Training Mode in Apex Legends.
  2. Open up your settings and go to the ‘Gameplay’ tab.
  3. Scroll down until you find the ‘Color Blind Mode’ option in Accessibility.
  4. Cycle through the settings and test them out on bots and targets in the Training Mode.
  5. Once you have customized the colors to your liking, feel free to hop on into a game and try it out!

Since every time I post I get someone asking how I change my sight color I made a video showing all the different ones. I like the last option the best, allows me to track my targets easier. Bonus tip, in the firing range, switching legends heals you completely. from apexlegends

It is worth noting that a Color Blind Mode will also have an effect on other in-game features such as Legend abilities like Wattson’s fence, so it might be good to test all of these changes in Training Mode first.

As of now, Respawn has yet to introduce any specific tools to modify your crosshair or reticle and it is unclear if they plan to do so down the line, making this your best option for the time being.