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How to activate low gravity glitch in Apex Legends firing range

Published: 23/Jun/2021 12:02

by Alex Garton


It’s now possible to experience low gravity movement in Apex Legends and it’s a lot easier to activate than you’d think. Although the glitch is limited to the game’s firing range, it’s perfect if need a break from the intensity of BR matches or Arenas.

If you’re an Apex Legends player, it’s likely you enjoy the competitive aspects of the battle royale mode and love coming out on top. Unfortunately, some days it can feel like you’re losing every single gunfight and just can’t seem to pick up any kills.

Well, a player has discovered a bug in the firing range that is a perfect side-activity for when you’re not having much success in the main modes.


Although the majority of glitches in Apex Legends negatively impact the gameplay experience, there are a few that make the title even more entertaining, and this one is certainly one of them.

With a few simple steps, you can make the entire firing range low gravity and jump around to your heart’s content.

Firing range Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
The firing range can be accessed from the Apex Legends main menu.

Low gravity mode in Apex Legends

Activating low gravity in the firing range is incredibly simple and involves the Winged Avenger, Valkyrie. Just follow these few simple steps and you’ll be bouncing around the range in no time.

  1. Enter the firing range and switch to Valkyrie
  2. Fly up into the air using her jetpacks
  3. Cancel her jetpack while in mid-air
  4. Quickly switch to another Legend (Pathfinder & Horizon are recommended)
  5. Enjoy the low gravity mode!

It’s worth noting that you can use any of the game’s Legends while the low gravity glitch is active, but Pathfinder and Horizon are recommended as they have abilities that can make the experience more fluid and exciting.


Keep in mind, you can cancel low gravity at any time by switching back to Valkyrie.

Reddit user GnarlyCharlii even took the time to show what kind of fun you can have using the glitch, especially if you lay down some Octane jump pads.

It’s unlikely Respawn will opt to fix this glitch as it’s not affecting any of the main modes and simply acts as an entertaining side activity for players.

Remember, if you’re ever tilted from ranked games or if you’re simply not landing any shots in Arenas, make sure you hop into the practice range and activate the low gravity glitch.


Spending a few minutes jumping around and relaxing may be the difference-maker you need to get back on track and pick up a win in your next match.