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Genius Apex Legends trick lets you see through Bangalore’s smoke

Published: 28/Mar/2020 0:17

by Bill Cooney


A brilliant new strategy for Caustic, which allows him to see through Bangalore’s smoke, is blowing people away with how simple and effective it is.

Caustic’s gas traps are one of the most infamous abilities in Apex Legends, and they’ve been trapping the game’s more unfortunate players since the early days on King’s Canyon.

However, Reddit user xxGURIxx has posted a clip that shows the ability is extremely effective at revealing enemies, even when they should be hidden by Bangalore’s smoke.

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Dropping smoke is usually a great way to provide instant cover for your team.

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Typically, you’re unable to see other players through Bangalore’s smoke. Similar to CSGO, enemies shouldn’t be visible while they’re behind the smokescreen – but Caustic is able to change that.


His gas traps, which still give some players flashbacks to the bunker on King’s Canyon, seem to highlight enemies while they should be invisible rendered invisible by the fog.

The clip starts out the way most fights with Bangalore do – with her dropping smoke to cover her tracks, but GURI wasn’t going to be beaten so easily.

Tapping into their 500 Apex IQ, they threw down Caustic’s traps inside of the smoke field, and with the gas working like a poor man’s thermal site, the enemy players light right up.

Use Caustic’s traps to see through Bangalore’s smoke guys from r/apexlegends

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Of course, you have to make Caustic’s traps available to use when you encounter a Bangalore for this to work, so be sure not to rush into a firefight with the ability on cooldown.


It’s unknown whether this is an intended effect or not, though; the legend’s gas does usually recolor players a sickly green-yellow, which seems to ignore the smoke effects.

Whether or not it’s intended or not, the effect is definitely in the game. So, if you happen to have Caustic unlocked, it’s worth giving a shot if you find yourself up against an enemy Bangalore.

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That crafty enemy Bangalore player won’t know what hit them.

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Caustic is both loved and hated by players for what his gas traps are capable of, and this brilliantly simple strategy will only add to that.