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Genius Apex Legends trick lets Revenant hide with Silence ability

Published: 8/Aug/2020 15:20

by Connor Bennett


Revenant mains have got a clever tip that allows them to use the Silence tactical to hide from enemies in Apex Legends rather than affecting their abilities.

When Revenant was introduced to Apex Legends back in Season 4, players were greeted with a terrifying figure who had the potential to become a devastating enemy to face. Though, that hasn’t happened.

While the Synthetic Nightmare is a familiar sight around World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, he hasn’t quite hit the heights of a Wraith or Pathfinder. However, that hasn’t stopped his loyal fans from figuring out the best ways to play as him.


That includes being able to use his own abilities to hide amongst the shadows while enemies scurry around to find him.

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Revenant is one of Apex’s darker legends.

The clever tip comes from Redditor Haggald, who showed that you can utilize the Silence tactical ability almost like a smoke grenade. That’s right, instead of firing it off and annoying an enemy, you can bamboozle them with the quietness. 

As Haggald shows, if you fire the ability off and then crouch underneath in a confined spot, enemies can lose track of you. That makes the tip pretty perfect if you need to heal or while contesting a close late zone. 


Though, it won’t guarantee you easy flanking kills. As the Redditor found out, you might be able to sneak up on one enemy but if their teammate is following close behind, it could be the end of days for Revenant. 

Revenant Tip: Remember, silence could be useful to hide. from apexuniversity

Of course, the trick is a bit of a situational one as you will need distance between yourself and the enemies and also you’ll have to have the confined space needed to hide.

Yet, if things work out in your favor, enemies might end up running around chasing their tail and completely ignore your hiding spot. It’s pretty genius when it works.