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Genius Apex Legends Mirage strategy can throw your enemy for a loop

Published: 24/Mar/2020 5:26 Updated: 24/Mar/2020 5:31

by Brad Norton


Your enemies will be left scratching their heads if you’re able to execute this genius Mirage tactic in your next Apex Legends match.

While he may be Respawn Entertainment’s resident trickster in Apex Legends, Mirage has often been highlighted as one of the least impactful characters in the game due to a somewhat underwhelming arsenal of abilities.

Able to turn invisible and leave a number of clones nearby, Mirage hasn’t quite been able to confuse enemies since the game first launched as players have mostly grown accustomed to his tricks over time. However, this new Mirage strategy could be just what you need to get the edge in your next match.


Respawn Entertainment
Mirage’s Ultimate ability could just save your skin thanks to this strategy.

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Mirage’s Ultimate, Vanishing Act, sends out a ring of decoys while the Legend himself becomes fully cloaked for five-seconds in order to evade the opposition. Typically, players utilize every second of the ability to get out of hot water.

However, in the final moments of a match on March 23, Reddit user ‘Forexz’ showcased how the trickster can genuinely leave his opponents bamboozled with the perfect timing and strategy.

Rather than activating the ability and rushing away from enemies in hot pursuit, they triggered the Ultimate and immediately canceled the invisibility.

Standing still while the enemy Pathfinder assessed the circle of decoys, they found the perfect moment to knock their opponent down when they least expected it.


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Even going as far as to embarrass the Pathfinder with a finishing move, this handy trick gave Mirage all the freedom in the world to get the jump on their opponent and catch them by surprise.

Triggering the head-scratching play out in the open, this highlight-worthy strategy could be utilized in any setting to bamboozle enemies.

“I have 18k on mirage and never thought of doing this,” Reddit user ‘MartianPenguin’ responded upon seeing the impressive play. “Glad I learned something just when I thought I learned it all.”

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The next time that you have a Mirage Ultimate at the ready, rather than trying to flee from the hotspot, think back on this clever tactic and try to confuse your opponents by standing still amidst your decoys.


While it might not prove beneficial every time, this strategy could provide Mirage players with a steady edge over the competition.