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Frustrating Apex Legends glitch is making players completely invisible

Published: 3/Mar/2021 16:28

by Alex Garton


An invisibility bug in Apex Legends is causing enemies to totally disappear in-game, making them almost impossible to shoot during combat.

Apex Legends Season 8 has arrived and the community is enjoying all the new content added with the major update. From the 30-30 Repeater to the brand new Legend Fuse, and of course, the overhaul to the classic King’s Canyon map.

Despite this, as with any online title, Apex has its fair share of bugs and glitches. Although some of them can be incredibly funny, others can disrupt the gameplay experience and be extremely frustrating for players.

Well, since the Anniversary Celebration event, some players have noticed a bug that causes players to go completely invisible, making it impossible to track their movement.


Apex Legends bug
Respawn Entertainment
While the bug is occurring, all Apex players can see is a floating gun.

Apex Legends invisibility bug is ruining gunfights

A thread posted to the Apex Legends subreddit highlighting a strange invisibility bug has garnered nearly 500 upvotes.

The video itself begins with a Horizon player looting a building on her own with no enemies in sight. After a short time, it’s obvious someone is approaching her position and is about the enter the room.

It’s at this point the player hears the slide animation sound and a gunshot directly in front of them and begins firing. The hits then register on a Revenant who is moving around and shooting while completely invisible.

After a short period of time, the Revenant does become visible again, but it does beg the question, why is this happening?


I’ve noticed the newest anniversary Revenant skin has been causing him to go invisible for a short period of time. from r/apexlegends

Although the thread itself states that the Revenant Anniversary skin has been causing the invisibility glitch, other players in the comments claim they’ve seen it occur with other legends in-game.

“It’s not just Rev, I’ve seen different legends go invisible mid-fight, I’ve also gone invisible and even my teammate will go invisible from time to time.”

It’s important Respawn get this bug fixed as soon as possible as there’s no doubt some players will be falsely reported for using exploits.

Let’s just hope the developers can find a solution and stop players from magically disappearing in the middle of a gunfight.